We all have the capacity to create mystical states of awareness.  The ability to create such opportunities is often what helps people cope in unusual times.  Whatever is happening they are able to rise above the situation and to expand into new levels of consciousness.  They never contract.  They never contemplate that possibility.  Expansion is their reality, a reality based on choice.

How to do this? It is possible to achieve this state by understanding the elements of the sacred rose, a body of esoteric myths which help our quest for the meaning of life.

By following the path of the rose, we co-create a different reality.

Initially any connection with the sacred rose fosters a link with the Sisterhood of the Rose and the legends surrounding this arcane mystery school formed in the fabled city of Atlantis.  During the exploration of these legends, we encounter the Brotherhood of the Rose, their masculine counterpart. These mystery schools used symbology as a form of communication.

Their sacred languages – Rose Reiki – the secret language of the God – and Rose Seichim – the secret language of the Goddess – are components of a once highly secret energy system. Their union, known as Rose Alchemy, forms a missing link in our esoteric knowledge, now missing no more.

By practising Rose Alchemy, we awaken latent energies within seeking to balance the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine. These alchemical sacred journeys become an initiatory experience concentrating on our hearts. 

Our hearts are the centres of our universe.  They do not just pump blood, they provide us with a gateway to pure possibility.  In exploring our hearts we find our special rose; a hidden rose once placed there to remind us of our true abilities. On this journey the real question becomes – what will we find in our hearts when we regenerate the genuine masculine energy that has been repressed for centuries and seek to combine it with the divine feminine?

If we travel on this journey of mystical intelligence – the rose journey – we are able to incorporate the energy of transformation into our lives – until finally we become the sacred rose herself.  

So are you drawn to the sacred energy of the rose?  Do you feel a stirring within of the awakening of your own lost rose? Activating an understanding of your rose lineage gives you the real possibility of stepping in to your full potency.  Embodying the energy of the rose into every cell and atom in your body, brings unprecedented joy. In this time of extraordinary energetic expansion, this paradigm of the sacred rose can act as your guide, your mentor and your special best friend. 

Will you call to her?

For further information or to begin your individual rose journey please contact Dr. Cris Henderson  Or + 61(0) 424 949 742.

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.


  • I have had the esteemed honour of knowing Dr. Cris for a while now. I completely believe that it was the magical rose energy that made me even be acquainted with her and I must say that my life is richer for it in every way possible. Reading this article just reaffirmed my awe and gratitude to the Divine Mother for not only calling me to the path of rose but also sending me a mentor like Dr.Cris. Reading this article just gave me the goosebumps. My mind cannot even fathom a divine interaction such as the above let lone having the humility to recognize a divine being. My only prayer is for mother Mary to work her loving healing energy on this planet for all of us through the presense of Rose angels on earth such as Dr. Cris and to bless me with the strength and courage to travel this path of rose…

    Lots of gratitude,



  • Cris is an amazing ambassador and channel for the energy of the rose. I was blessed to connect with her a few years ago and the shifts and healing I have received from working with her and rose alchemy has been nothing short of miraculous and life-changing. I would encourage anyone reading this article to book a rose healing session with Cris. She is such a blessing to the planet with her wisdom and the frequencies of the rose energy that she brings forward for the planet’s ascension at this important time.

    Shila Jassal, UK


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