The Source Code by Kean Buckley

We are not taught this…….

In the beginning the source of all things was contained in an energy-less, formless, sexless space. Like a supremely powerful sensual super soul lying on the couch watching Netflix. In a completely happy state, ‘somewhat like bliss,’ without name or measure. But even this can get boring if you want to evolve. So, to know itself better this ‘sexless soul’ if you will, split in two, to evolve via challenge and know itself better in the mirror of relationship.

By splitting into two it formed the first duality, ‘Nothing’ 0 and ‘Everything’ 1, containing the source of all energy and vibration and the origins of the feminine and masculine within us all (0+1 respectively). The 0+1 duality creates the whole universe we live in, and it all is measured in 9 vibrations, and this powerful source code embodies a power of ‘already having’ rather than a ‘law of attracting’ something.

Every energy in the universe, every being, every place on the map, can be measured and located by 0+1, binary code or ‘source code.’

In last month’s article we measured your name’s vibration. All energy, everybody, and everything; like a house has a number and vibration between 1-9. Vibration helps us identify life.

When we know our strong and weak numbers within the 1-9 Life Matrix chart (free PDF on website) we know our successful vibrations and can match the vibration of the life we want. It all starts with studying our individual soul journey and the three phases of our life.

I hit 60 this month and I move into the 6 in my chart where 3 of the 8 numbers of my DOB reside (09/06/1961). If I know the 6s’ power and lessons this will be a powerful fruitful time. As I have no 2, 3, 4, or 5 in my Life Matrix Chart over the last 40 years, I have had to know these vibrations well to succeed.

On a world level, we have four years to go of a nine-year cycle to learn the lessons of Covid 19 (two of which are Origin and Divinity). 2022 is a 6-year, I suggest you read up on the 6 in The Numbers Book 1 which you can access at and prepare yourself. It is a time where the truth will come out.

The world needs us to stand in our Sovereign power. It is time to be our source energy expressing itself – first from splitting into female – male, 0+1 – and second splitting into our own unique expression of the 9 power numbers. Currently the world vomits in 9 vibrations all at once without awareness of the specific power of each. It is up to us to bring the clarity of the 9 powers through.

I apologise if you have been turned off by school math – it is time to embody third eye math – the sacred math – that which forms bodies and trees from codes in seeds, held in sacred geometry, toroidal fields, and the Golden Mean.

Because knowing yourself as source is true power, free and real-world math encoded in us all. No less than source.

Follow the following links for more information or to book an appointment with me: for the world’s first vibrational numerology level 1 course. to book a life/relationship/business affirming reading

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Kean Buckley

Kean is an innovative, authentic and natural personal development facilitator, specialising in relationship and raising awareness with over twenty years experience. He is an experienced teaching counsellor, high school teacher, transformational mentor and motivational speaker.

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