The Spirituality of Corona by Linda Willow Roberts


I am sitting here contemplating why I feel at a loss for written words when usually they just fall out of me.

I am still able to do live feeds on face book and speak about spirituality with the flow and knowledge I am channelling. So why has the written word left and quietened. And has my stationary positioning created a stagnant effect?

Has my ability to visualise myself around the world experiencing many sacred sites staying omnipresent disappeared?

So many questions I am asking myself.

My spiritual practice is still the same, have I deviated since Corona? Yes. And to what? Well, I started off meditating more, and having a quiet peaceful experience and as the time has gone on, I feel an impatience, restlessness and not able to easily focus.

I have asked spirit for some signs on the next steps for me to take, and I really think my personal life is in for a bit of a shake-up, because I have been living a totally synchronistic life, trusting spirit to take me where I needed to go and when, but now I am living a human existence day to day just like everyone else.  Yet I don’t feel like everyone else; I never have.  I live a magical life full of signs and synchronicities.

The mundane bores me terribly! I am so grateful for the experiences I have encountered yet how to live fully in the now and be 100% spiritual at home beats me.

How can I be guided and remain still?  Growth and elevating the vibration of the planet we live on has been my calling for the last five or so years.  What now?

So, in isolation I have had minimal contact with people, I have pulled back from family and reduced the phone time and face time with them, probably to help cope with how I was feeling.

As a spiritual teacher I must live by example, walk the walk and talk the talk.

When Corona first started being reported in January and February, I already knew it was going to affect a lot of people.  I watched and read a lot about astrology and the astrologers had been putting out warnings on the planets aligning for 2020 and what kinds of things that would affect.

I had decided on my last trip to Iceland November 2019 that I wouldn’t be travelling overseas for the next couple of years.  Little did I know what was about to unfold around the world.

At the beginning of the year, I felt like I was being thrown off course, losing my power, I tried to get it back by going to my sacred place and re-aligning with spirit.  I was fine it wasn’t me.  Then came the news of the virus and that feeling of dread was now explained.

Not to be rude, but as a psychic I get asked questions all the time about how many people will die, will there be deaths in our state. My eyes fill up, as the word death takes me into that realm.  It’s not where I like to sit, I’d rather be in spirits white, loving, light, than deal with death, I mean who wouldn’t?

So, what does it feel like to be a spiritual teacher with over 30yrs experience and live through another plague, (seeing as we have had many past lives and I did feel like I had done this before). Waking up in the morning was the hardest. During the sleeping hours I presume, my vibration lowered and on waking I could feel fear, anxiety, despair and death.

I learnt quickly to raise my vibration by listening to music and doing visualisation or guided meditations each morning.  The weird thing was, after I had done that every day, I felt good, like this was the Earth’s way of cleansing, rebuilding and elevating the population to a 5-dimensional frequency.  I felt my job was to help my Facebook community let go of fear and step into, well…it’s time to work on ourselves and release fear and doubt and make way for the new.

The deaths, job losses, businesses having to close and the lockdowns most of us on the planet have experienced, have been a lot to endure. But I still see the bigger picture and feel this was meant to happen.  It was and is so strange to hear myself saying it’s what we needed.

Just imagine the gratitude everyone will feel when we are released, the human connections that have been strengthened, the appreciation that we will have for our freedom. It will forever change humanity and the way it operates.

Then in the background we have all the conspiracy theories, over half of them I hope are true, from eliminating the worlds’ sex slave trade to eradication of the world’s crime bosses and replacement of high end corrupt CEOs.

Regardless of what has happened, the world’s energy is shifting and there is more love and healing energy being sent out to each other. As a mass consciousness we are setting up the vibrational frequency for our future planet.

I have now stepped into the thought process of WE ARE ONE.

Linda Willow Roberts

Linda Willow Roberts is a spiritual teacher, author and creator of ‘I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards’ based in Tasmania and offering her products and services anywhere in the world.

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