The Witches are Dropping their Britches! By Sandy Torah McShane

One day recently I had two friends tell me all about their grief. Both had lost their mothers – one just that week, the other at the end of last year. Both were expressing painful feelings and going through associated family challenges. We all know grief comes in waves and we don’t always know when the next wave is going to come; it may be next week or it may be in ten years’ time. I am fortunate to have many women friends to share things with, bounce ideas off and share this life with that we walk together, and right now many of these women are experiencing very intense emotional upheaval and physical challenges. This includes myself.

What I have been experiencing, and what I’ve been seeing in other women, is that anything that has been hiding is coming out of the woodwork. Emotional splinters that have been hanging around since childhood and beyond are wriggling their way out of the depths to be expressed, seen and heard – some for the final time. This gives us the opportunity to clear the old and make way for the wonderful new.

When I was home again after speaking with my grieving friends, I did a meditation. After closing my eyes, I became aware that my spirit was somewhere beyond the perimeter of Earth, up in the stratosphere perhaps, just hanging around out there. Next, my two friends appeared and each of them held one of my hands. I thought this was pretty cool . . . and then things got way cooler. Thousands of women came and joined hands and in no time there was a circle of women, connected by hands and hearts around Mother Earth. This was nothing short of magnificent. My heart beamed. The corners of my mouth turned upwards.

I then noticed that all of us were wearing “witches’ britches”, held up by braces! They were white and boasted those big frilly ruffles! It was a sight to behold. As I kept watching, I saw that the witches’ britches were coming down . . . and yet there was resistance to this as the braces were holding them up! I had a strong sense that women are collectively dropping masses of grief that has been lingering around for eons. We are dropping old “costumes” that no longer serve us and as a result we are able to see aspects of ourselves without the restrictions that previously shrouded our true magnificence and potential.

Remembering my true potential seems to occur strongly for me after a bout of pain. The pain may start off physically but under that is always the emotional layer, and when I tap into that, the pain can shift in an instant, after which I always feel uplifted and filled with a sense of freedom and gratitude. So these days I am remembering to celebrate pain and suffering, as well as joy and all the other good feelings. Helping those braces over my shoulders so my witches’ britches can fall away easily symbolises, to me, the letting go of resistance. 

So, next time you find yourself experiencing physical pain, close your eyes and focus your attention into that area. Breathe into the pain, intend to understand it and set it free. Engage with it. Talk to it. Being able to focus and stay with your pain is a stage in the healing process, so let pain have its stage. Sometimes, that stage may be within your own heart and inner world, and sometimes you may need someone to witness it. Pain is often misunderstood, frowned upon, pushed away, suppressed and judged, but it’s a part of you that is worth loving. So drop those britches when they’re ready to fall because underneath them is the amazing, authentic, powerful, incredible you.

And remember, we are all One. Even if we don’t realise it at the time, the healing we do for ourselves individually is for all of us, and benefits everyone.

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Sandy McShane

Sandy Torah McShane shares her amazing transformational journey and is the author of 'The Frequency of Freedom' with a release date of July 2022.

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