Thirty Seconds to Bliss with Gold Energy Flows by Shauna Teaken

An easy thing that you can do really quickly anywhere, anytime that will relax your body, and allow you to begin to have a sense of the peace and connection with the earth, is –

Simply take a deep breath in, and pull energy down through your whole body, out through your feet and into the earth. Have a big sigh as you breath out.

You probably did that as quick as you read it. It’s a natural capacity, this connecting with our bodies and the earth. You probably do it whenever you’re doing something you enjoy – like being at the beach or in a garden.

Take it a step further and on your next breath, pull energy up from the earth, through your whole body and being, out the top of your head like a big fountain. 

Ask the energy flowing through you to match the vibration of gold. Don’t visualise or try to feel it. This is not a mind exercise. It’s an energy exercise.

I call it “Thirty Seconds to Bliss” because that’s really all it takes, anywhere, anytime, to take a breath or two and connect your body and being with the earth, once you’ve practiced it.

And if you practice it, it’s like toning up your energy ‘muscles’, so it gets more relaxing and more expansive every time.

At first you may get a lot of thoughts, distractions, irritations coming up. That’s just the beginning of clearing old anxieties, worries, traumas. Keep going! I’ve been using the Gold Energy Flows for over 35 years and they are marvelous!

The Energy Flows can be used to target specific areas of the body that require healing, to activate Youthening Systems, and increase receiving on all levels – many things.  

The more you practice moving energy through your body, down through the top of your head, out your feet, up through your feet, out the top of your head, through every cell in your body and every pore of your being – the more relaxation, ease and pleasure your body can have, and it overflows into all areas of living. 

Not only is it healing and rejuvenating physically, this “turned-on” energy – feeling good in your body can allow you to enjoy your relationships with money, people, your body, business, and the Earth more – actually it’s kind of the key to having everything you would like to have, including a planet that is sustainable. 

This is the beginning of how to create a youthful, vibrant body – with pleasure! There’s more with a daily Energy Flows group or Youthful You 21 Days of Youthening Energy Flows, and there’s a free guided Energy Flows to try here:

Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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