Thoughts of a Spiritual Teacher by Linda Willow Roberts

How to come out of LOCKDOWN!

As our borders open and close, as we are in lockdown or restrictions are lifted it is really hard for our human brains to let go.
How you ask? If you’ve spent every day with someone close, whatever the relationship is, changing the patterns you’ve created may cause anxiety, fear and confusion.

Behavioural patterns were created when you were put in this unusual position. Maybe you picked up old addictive habits, drank too much, ate the wrong foods, or somehow it created a co-dependant relationship. Well think about it, you had to find a common ground and spent way too much time with the same person or people and became totally reliant on their presence to motivate you and probably entertain you.

This bizarre predicament has no precedent and we just went indoors trying to find things to occupy ourselves.

Most people I have talked to did home renovations, feng shui their homes, updated websites, learnt new things, tested new business models and tried to be innovative, but you cannot do that 24/7. So out came the boardgames, drinks, Netflix, books and chocolate.

How do we switch that around and emerge on the other side?

Communication is definitely the key. Talk openly about how you want to show up in the world as more freedom kicks in. What activities do you want to resume, how much time will you allocate to family and friends. To work, sport, hobbies. It will take some time to coordinate this in a balanced way.

Connect and convey to your children, partners and friends how you want things to evolve, what works for you what doesn’t, what feels right. You can transform all the patterns and behaviours into healthy choices, you just need to be open and discuss it.

Letting go of the habitual ritualistic behaviours can feel uneasy and frightening. Write down what no longer serves you for your highest good. Release the shame, guilt or feeling to the Universe.

Balance is always the key. As we start moving out into the world again, let us not have done this for no reason! Choose how you are now going to show up in the world, make the changes and allow the new in.

Universal vibrational frequency has the planet evolving and anchoring new energies all the time. With Mars going into retrograde until November 13th I feel that this fiery planet may cause communication confusion. When you thought you were coming from the same direction in complete accord, suddenly you’re not!

Writing, journaling, being still, meditation, nature, some time to yourself, grounding, protection all of these things will help.

Communication is essential! Listening is imperative.

Linda Willow Roberts

Linda Willow Roberts

Linda Willow Roberts is a spiritual teacher, author and creator of ‘I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards’ based in Tasmania and offering her products and services anywhere in the world.

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