Three Causes Of Back Pain by Trudy Vains

Living with back aches and pains can be debilitating. It’s a very common term and condition ranging from dull or throbbing aches and pains, to shooting, sharp pain. Almost everyone I know has had some form of back ache or pain in their life.

I have needed two spine operations, so I totally understand pain and I know what helped me.

When I ask people why they have back pain, the answers vary and most miss the important factors, which are:

1. The way we sit and stand

This a huge part of how we feel every day. It coincides with everything that we do, and when we bring awareness to simple things like this, it really can change your day. For instance, if you slouch, your back will get sore.

2. Not enough regular movement

I like to move from my desk every 20-30 minutes, this doesn’t mean go for a long walk, it just means to take a break, do some simple stretches and ‘shake off’ residual energy.

3. Lack of self care

The majority of people think that you need to ‘live with pain’ and ‘just get on with it’ but you really need to address the issue at hand.  


1. Learn effective core and posture awareness. I teach this through yoga, pilates, or at the gym, etc.

2. The right movement – if you have tried yoga before and feel that it wasn’t right for you, try another teacher, someone who understands the way you need to move.  

This is why I have created my APP classed ‘Back Happy Yoga’, and it will be available in the APP stores any day now. I have the personal experience of back aches and pains – and the only way I knew how to move was by ‘listening to my body’.

Classes are:

  • Laying on the floor
  • Sitting on the floor or a chair
  • Standing
  • Using a chair for balance. The choices are endless.

3. Do whatever self-care strategies that help you with your aches and pains. This could even be scheduling a regular massage – whatever helps. 

Listen to your body, it’s telling you a story.


Trudy Vains





Trudy Vains

Trudy Vains is a Yoga Teacher in Burpengary specialising in back care, pregnancy, and Post Natal. Author of FUSED, and creator of online classes Back Pain Yoga.

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