Run, run, run!  Hide, hide, hide! Keep running as fast as you can!  A fierce wind blows your hair into your face and you stumble and almost fall. The end is coming.  Atlantis is falling. Then as now we are witnessing the grand finale. 

We stand together to face this disintegration.  We know this breakdown is also occurring within our bodies. Such experiences must be overcome.  We will not wait until we are delivered a final blow. Such a blow would crumble our bones. It would invade our eyes. It would affect the beating of our hearts. It would create suffering. We have the power to change this scenario. We have found the source to take us into transformation.

Deep down we are excited – there is an essence of pure gentle change afoot. 

First we must seek shelter.

We have decided to save ourselves. We choose to go home to Sirius through the golden tunnel of light. We enter near Poseidon’s Gate in Atlantis. As the Kingdom died a key was embedded into a doorway which is a component of Poseidon’s undersea palace.  It is near Poseidon’s statue where he rides the waves. We enter the portal. We are through and traversing the golden tunnel. 

We walk in a golden haze towards Sirius. Absorb the energy of the gold. See golden roses embedded in the walls and ceilings and the floor of the tunnel.

You are walking on light energy and you feel this beauty penetrating your body through the delicate arches of your feet.  If your feet have been painful as they waited for this journey – now that you are here they are forever healed.

We keep walking through the Rose Link.

The light remains utterly golden.  

Our chakra system illuminates as we walk. We open the universal healing codes formed from a merger with the star and rose codes and including the magical water codes. We make them available to everyone.

Not long after this we arrive in Sirius.

We enter a rose-filled room where a meeting of the Rose Council is underway.   

Introductions have been made to allow your presence and access to this field of rose and star expansion.  You receive thoughts and inspiration about your current role as a member of the Rose family on Mother Earth.

Members of the other kingdoms will now be able to access Mother Earth to save us.  

You have not run for nothing.

We return through the tunnel noticing the gems in the ceiling and the clouds floating before us that embody the essence of the rose.

We take off any obstacles that have been inlaid into the tunnel to prevent full access to Sirius. 

Members of the Rose family have forged easy access through to the stars.

Now we know our way home we can be saved.


To obtain this journey as an initiation please contact me.

In a new development I can provide assistance by creating a Rose Poem as your personal declaration of intention.  These powerful invocations change the energy and open the doorways to heaven. Please listen to the YouTube links on my web site.  If you are drawn to rose energy contact me on 61-(0)424949742 e-mail

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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