Spiritual and physical healing occur outside of what we perceive as time. This is often why chronic health conditions are hard to heal and often labelled incurable. They are connected to the time dimension and mind conception of the person, which obscures the timeless dimension of spirit. 

Illness, suffering, the breakdown and death of the body occur in time. Time is part of mind; an entrainment spell created by the continual, conditioned repetitious thoughts that program your reality from a young age.

Time controls the body at the level of the pineal gland – the gland that governs the body’s sense of perception. The spell of time causes a fragmentation in mind, provoked by a lifestyle of stress, leading to premature decay and, often, a premature demise.

When you fall under the spell of time, you are identifying with the breakdown of the body and the form. In such a dimension of time, governed by mental concepts, there is only the cycle of birth, decay and death. In such a cycle where form is only temporary, sickness and disease are present because sickness and disease can only occur in time.

Under the spell of time, you lose your connection to your spiritual inner stillness and intuitive knowing. The inner stillness transcends the premature, negative decaying influences of time and mind. As a result of the spell of time influence, many humans remain trapped in the after-death state from their stressful life experiences.

So how do you access the timeless dimension?

It is faith that opens the timeless dimension within you, felt as a sense of inner stillness, peace and presence. So, there is a bodily reference to the timeless dimension you can use. This bodily reference tells you in any moment if you are present with life or absent from the present moment, mentally elsewhere, and caught in time structures of past and future concerns.

True faith is not a ‘religious’ belief or conditioning of something that is outside of self. Much like love or happiness, faith stands prior to any condition. Trust and surrendering to ‘what is’ activates the heart centre. Your heart awakens faith and your intuitive sense of knowing. Faith penetrates false perceptions and breaks down illusions of the mind.

For most people faith has been made dormant through their stressful relationship with time, which spells them into a deep sleep through false mind activity programs, and projections into past or future concerns, or worries. This is why stillness is so valuable to practice in daily affairs as it penetrates the illusionary nature of time.

When you action spiritual steps of insight like surrendering and letting go, faith is able to manifest into your physical life as a practical aware experience in all that you do. You are now being guided by an inner higher intuitive knowing, well beyond the limitations of time, and the conditioned mind and its beliefs.

Letting go means no more controlling your life, your situation, or trying to control those around you. It also means removing all the unnecessary clutter in your life, which is a reflection of the congestion of undermining mind activity.

Life thrives when it is left alone and has the space to express through you as it chooses within the great harmony of intelligence that orchestrates life into a beautiful symphony.

During your day when you experience that familiar sensation of time-urgency-stress in your body, become aware you have fallen under the spell of time, the mind’s program.

This means you have lost your bodily reference to stillness and peace, and you are no longer surrendering to what is, or letting go, or letting be.

Pause for a moment and remember, you don’t need to be controlled by time. You have a choice in that moment to just be. You have the bodily reference to bring you present. This is the necessary awareness that is required to awaken spiritual insight in daily life. This awareness acts as a catalyst for spiritual and physical healing as you are now outside of the spell of time.

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Shelley Rose

Shelley Rose (White Buffalo Moon) was born with a spiritual gift. She connects directly and lovingly with those caught in the subtle realms after death. From a very young age Shelley could see and communicate with the spiritual, nature and celestial realms and the worlds in-between, acting as a bridge and spiritual guide/healer, a nurturing protective mother energy for all those who have died, but remain bound to this world.

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