Two little words that can change your life ……. what if? By Jules Kennedy

Welcome beautiful souls, seekers of love, joy and fulfillment. This is a wonderful day, a day filled with boundless opportunities to shift those emotions and situations and thoughts that are less than all that you deserve. It is truly possible to do so, and you deserve nothing less than all things wonderful and magical. In fact, I would say that in essence you are that and so much more. You have forgotten your magnificence.

However, I understand that due to no fault of your own life happens and life can steel away the truth of who you are. Life can rob you of your joy and love and seem so difficult and heavy. There can seem to be no way out sometimes and feelings of helplessness and overwhelm can creep in. Without even realising it, you can become trapped in a cycle of negativity and expectation of the worst outcomes. Then someone tells you to start thinking positively and suggests using affirmations or visualising the happy outcomes that you would like to see happen. From the negative place you are in though, these things seem ridiculous and can even evoke anger in you. These things feel like airy fairy nonsense, and you don’t see how engaging in these practices can help at all.

There is hope and definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. It turns out that the words we use and the thoughts that we think are scientifically proven to be alive. They are actually energy. They are very meaningful indeed and as energy they steer our lives through their vibration. By thinking, speaking and feeling in new ways, over time, new neurological pathways are created in our brains and changes in our physical bodies and lives follow as a result. Energy is like magnets that attract similar or the same vibrations back. So negative or low vibrational words, thoughts and feeling attract more of the same. Likewise speaking, thinking and feeling positive things will attract more and more wonderful happenings into your life.

So what if you have more power over your life than you realise? What if you took a step back and decided to shift from autopilot, where life controls you, into being the magical manifestor of your own life? Do not worry, I know this can seem daunting at first. The concept of creating your own experience can bring up some fears but relax. Be gentle with yourself. What if it could be super exciting to be the creator of your own life? What if it was easy? What would you create for yourself if you could wave a magic wand? The questions you ask yourself can be the key to unlocking your magnificence.

To begin, simply start thinking about what you really want. (If you take the time to observe what you are thinking about during your day you may be surprised at how often you are thinking about unwanted things.) Do things that make you happy more often. Make your joy be a priority. When you notice a negative thought, then restate it as a positive.

For example: “I don’t have time to make joy a priority” becomes, “I come up with creative ways to experience joy throughout my day.” I find joy in everything more and more. I am a master of joy and I spread joy to others. I am a joy to be around. Now I know that some of you are still not convinced. This is where WHAT IF comes in. If you feel resistance to changing negative thoughts to positives, then put “what if” in front of the sentence. It softens the resistance and allows you to play with the concept more lightly. What if I could really create what I want? What would that feel like? What if I could find more joy in mundane tasks and what if I could be a joy to be around? How would that feel and what would change in your life as a result? Even if you are skeptical, try it and be open and see what happens.

The possibilities are endless, choose to be positive, play with fresh new ideas and ways of being in the world. Decide what it is you would love to have in your life and wonder about the possibilities. Take a moment to choose to step into the new, wonderful you before leaving the house each day. Envision your day going exactly how you would like it to or even better. Do it with a lightness in your heart and a magical WHAT IF? When you notice little changes give thanks with all of your heart and keep going.

A big hug from my heart to yours!

Jules Kennedy

Jules is gentle and heart based. She helps people to experience a reawakening to love to transform their lives from emotional struggle and turmoil to flow, peace and abundance. Her unique combination of ancient healing techniques, intuitive/psychic gifts and her ability to invoke spiritual energy, wisdom and love into each session provides an extraordinary healing experience.

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