Understanding Your Life as a Rite of Passage by Kean Buckley

You are energy in vibration. 

Vibrational Numerology recognises the 0+1 source code, which splits into 9 vibrations that creates all things. Historically Numerologists matched the numbers to an arbitrary pattern, of planets where: 1 is the Sun; 2 the Moon; 3 Jupiter; 4 Uranus; 5 Mercury; 6 Venus; 7 Neptune; 8 Saturn; 9 Mars. The universe does not work like this. 

The universe is thought becoming matter in 9 unique vibrations, and personalities empowered by the 0+1. The 8 numbers in your D.O.B highlight your unique purpose and pattern of strengths, and weaknesses. Each of the 9 numbers test your character in a rite of passage through life. 

1) Awakened Self – WHO you are. Integrity. 1 defines the path as the 1st Step of the 9. It is any age, date or time that boils down to 1 like age 55, 1st, or 10am. The Dualities to learn are Heaven vs Hell, Mindful vs Stress. 11:11 is a wakeup call. 

2) Perceptive Self – 2 is Be Yourself Time is the 2nd step – the 2-year-old, being negative about something, balance. It is age 2, 11, 20, 11am and 2pm. The Dualities to learn are Balance vs Loss and Attract vs Force. 22:22 is powerful relationship. 

3) Playful/Determined Self – the 3rd step of the 9-year cycle. 3 is aware of family belief and self-worth. 3 is freedom, moving out of duality/illusion. Age 3, 12, 21, 30 etc 3pm 11:10 am and 2:10pm. Dualities are Freedom vs Illusion, Art vs Suffer. 33:33 is to know freedom. 

4) Receptive/Landed Self – 4 is creation, imagination, perception, connection, touch. 4 is beginning of the second phase of growth. Ages 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 4pm, 2:20pm. Dualities are Feeling vs Closed. Presence vs Pretend. 44:44 is healing your connection with land/soul. 

5) Purposeful Self – the Grand Central Station of all numbers. Observe patterns core life help. It is the wise 5-year-old and 50 and 2021. Halfway through life we master dualities better. 5 is power through resistance and opposition before cooperation. 55:55 is power via flow. 

6) Inner Self – a time to retreat, look inside and gain awareness of your truth. 6 is the end of the second phase 4-6 and 6th step of 9 on the journey of life. It is the 6-year-old 2:22 and 6pm. Dualities are Natural vs Ungrounded, Realisation vs Confused. 66:66 is natural understanding. 

7) Present Self – mindful, grounded, vision, intelligence. 7 is the 70s and the 7-year-old, 7pm. The dualities to learn are Hot vs Cold (warm is real love) and Nature vs Controlled. The 7th step is the present which begins the path of real. 77:77 is ‘being aligned to nature.’ 

8) Powerful Self – sense prosperity and success, that only comes via faith hope and trust in the previous 7 steps. It is age 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62 71 80. The dualities to learn are Sense vs Insecurity and Success vs Blocks. 88:88 is respect of self. 

9) Is the Prizing or Grateful Self – where real love and idealism and humanitarianism becomes the currency over money. 9 is age 9, 18, 27 etc and 3:33 or 9pm. Dualities are Love vs Ego and Real vs Worry. 99:99 rarely seen is Divine love for Self. 

Zeroplusnine.com for a free Life Matrix explaining how to do your chart, Purchase ‘The Power of Numbers’ Book 1 and ‘The Power of Vibration’ Level 1 course book. 

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Kean Buckley

Kean is an innovative, authentic and natural personal development facilitator, specialising in relationship and raising awareness with over twenty years experience. He is an experienced teaching counsellor, high school teacher, transformational mentor and motivational speaker.

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