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October 2 – Mercury enters Libra, until October 23. This is a good time for relationship communication and flexibility in your partnerships. Mercury joins Saturn in Libra. Both Saturn and Mercury are neutral planets, which have to do with seeing beyond our likes, dislikes and passions.

Oct 5 – Jupiter turns retrograde in Taurus. Jupiter will be retrograde until January 30, 2013. When a planet turns retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards, based on our earthly vantage point. This backward motion forces us to reflect on the deeper meaning of what it indicates. In this case now we will be challenged to apply our teachings in a practical way, and see if they are actually improving our life – or are they merely beliefs.

Oct 15, The Libra cycle begins as the Sun and Moon come together at the very edge of Virgo. The Sun partners with Saturn (already in Libra), to bring an emphasis on relationships with each other, including romantic relationships, social obligations and the need to honour all people’s wishes as equal to our own. Compromise is currency in Libra. It buys happiness, wealth and success when in abundance.

An aspect from (retrograde) Jupiter from Taurus shows some ease and grace as we navigate these sticky “other-people” lessons. But this retrograde motion may also leave us confused about how to juggle our values and the needs of others.

This New Moon happens in Chitra Nakshatra, which ruled by the God Vishwa karma, the divine architect. You may benefit by doing some creative work with others, and building something of meaning in the community.

On October 24- Venus becomes debilitated in Virgo until November 17. Venus is the part of us that wants to enjoy life and be happy. Virgo is a sign of fussiness and nitpicking. The highest quality of Venus energy brings a “happiness for no reason” nature.

October 29- Full Moon in Aries is a time when we will harmonise the compromising nature of Libra with a more individualised self-expression through Aries. The new Moon which occurred October 15 in Libra was to initiate a cycle of relationship and social compromise. But we can only share ourselves authentically from a place of strength. Anything less feels abusive at some point. Aries is that sign of personal self-expression, where we enthusiastically pursue our individual creativity.

This Full Moon takes place in Ashwini Nakshatra – symbolised by two horses running in different directions. There is enormous energy, will and drive behind this new moon. Ashwini is also known as “the physicians of the Gods”, bringing immense healing. But care must be taken to not destroy connections impulsively, only to regret it later.

Sam Geppi is an internationally respected Vedic astrologer and teacher. He is the author of “The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology”. He holds numerous credentials and titles from Vedic astrology councils. Visit his site for information about his work.




Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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