We went holistic with baby number two! By Amanda Skoczek

I had a vision of our second birth being very different from the birth of our first child. Not only did I want to have a strong connection, I needed this pregnancy and birth to be holistic, calm, and happy…every mother’s dream!

The experience with my first child was being stressed and worried, with a ‘Bootcamp fitness’ and go go go way of operating. I didn’t take time to connect with my baby due to my busy lifestyle. I knew if I wanted a better outcome this time, it was me who had to make changes.

I needed to slow down, so I turned to yoga. I love the calm, relaxed and balanced way yoga makes you feel after a session. How could this not benefit me and bub’s relationship?

I wanted to learn more, so I did my yoga course and it changed my life! When I started yoga, I didn’t know I was pregnant, but with the help of the teachers, I continued and completed it, and learned not just about the poses, but a whole new way of life. Yoga poses can be adapted for each individual, even through my high risk pregnancy.

This yoga life practice helped me to slow down, connect with my baby, and improve my health and wellbeing. During my pregnancy, I became less reactive to situations, I had reduced back ache and body discomfort, with improved breathing, flexibility and circulation. I was able to interact with others and felt supported throughout my journey with yoga. I became the mother I always wanted to be.

Combining yoga and meditation also helped prepare us for labour and birth. I repeatedly listened to “Deva Prema’s” Moola Mantra. And started with the physical poses of slow flow Vinyasa yoga, combined with supported poses with the bolster, which helped me feel nurtured. I used Ujjayi breath, and my hands on my heart and belly to calm down, and connect with my baby. Every time he would move and kick, I would smile with joy. I then finished with a meditation. I imagined breathing in positive energy and clearing away the negative energy. I closed any gaps/holes in my aura, and it became thick and expanded. Picturing the bright colours of the chakra’s of my body, I would then imagine my ideal labour and birth, seeing myself being able to cope emotionally and spiritually.

In the end, it didn’t all go to plan, but the way I handled myself was definitely a new improved me. I have a strong connection with my son, and he is a calm, relaxed baby. I feel such joy in knowing my life changes have improved our family life for the better.  www.thriveonholisticlife.com

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Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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