I love Planetary cycles and their never-ending journey around the Ecliptic. It feels so familiar to our own journey of cyclic patterns here on Earth. For me, it’s like we are cosmically connected, as we vibrate year after year, in what appears to be the result of patterns repeating themselves over and over in sequence, looking for completion and resolve. What is the connection?

You have heard the saying as above so below, yes?

The planets are high vibrational beings that have earned the right to create an environment that is congruent to the frequency they relay into the cosmos. They are living breathing spheres that each hold very specific codes – like records that will assist each of us on our journey to enlightenment here on “Earth”, one of the highest vibrational spheres who has earned the right to create and sustain life.

Everything runs in cycles. Mathematically and fractually, and each cycle revisits remnants of the past that did not reach their resolve, evolution, and full potential. We have been programmed to believe that history repeats itself, therefore we are recreating past disasters with little to no awareness. Cycles repeat energetically so we can learn from our mistakes and rewrite the story. As we are multidimensional beings on a holographic planet, we have the ability to change the past, present and future with every decision and action we take. Cycles repeat, behaviours are a choice.

Each Planet has its own personality, input, downloads, and purpose. They do not affect us; we react to them. Planetary codes hold all the relevant information necessary to navigate this world. This information is neutral in nature. It is the human experience that brings emotion, genetic predisposition and paradigms, negative habits, and behaviours – due to the split in our brain, the duality of this experience and the contrast ordered to push us to evolve and become more.

When we are born, we are downloaded with the codes of the planetary frequencies that are perfect for our journey and chosen contracts. When you take your first breath, the sky is frozen for that moment. This is the gift given to us by the Universe to assist us in navigating our path. It is our map of experience when we learn how to use it. For instance, when we have a moon cycle, we are being triggered by the codes that this mass unleashes through the DNA. The moon reflects the Suns light or hides it, therefore we are either beginning a new dawn or retreating in the shadows to reassess.

The frequency of the Moon affects the tides, the water in our body and all parts of the psyche that are affected by emotion. This is what triggers emotional outbursts, anger at our mother, need for nurture, or safety issues. This is where we react from our child and access old memory. The purpose of a Moon transit is to bring awareness to your emotional health or issues that require resolution and change. 

In addition the eclipse cycles also run-in sequence of 18 yr/10 day and is referred to as a Saros cycle, meaning repeat. These cycles bring up old patterns and unfinished business from the past. This is not to punish us, it is to assist in peeling another layer of unresolved conflict, while offering us the opportunity to do it better. 

The transformational Planetary voices have a much bigger job. They are here to wake us up, change our direction or burn and rebuild anything that is not authentic to our purpose or direction.

Many of you may have been feeling the chaos as it may be affecting your personal blueprint or natal chart. There could be conflict internally or with others, uncertainty, uncomfortable or confusing feelings of being lost, empty or out of your comfort zone. All of this is exactly what is meant to happen. These uncomfortable feelings force us to take notice of what is not working. 

Mercury Retrograde is another frequency with a kick. Planets cannot go backward; we need to be clear on this. Retrograde means, from Earth’s perspective, that it appears to be going backward – as it slows down and other planets pick up speed. You can compare it to you backing into a car space while another is backing out. Even when you have stopped it feels like there is still movement. 

Energetically Mercury Retrograde is asking you to slow down, go over old ground, ensure that you are clear about your next move, alter or replace anything that you missed, or feel is not right, so that your forward movement is done with ease and flow. That is it.

Old paradigms around the “don’t” do these things otherwise they will fall apart is part of the problem. As my mentor says, where focus goes energy flows. If you focus on a belief that a planet can cause you pain, harm or control your computer, car, or contracts, then you will continue to play this out. 

If things go wrong on this transit, it is because they were already headed down the wrong path, and the slower energy allowed you to see in slow motion what you are about to do, that is not following the path you were meant to be on. ®

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Deb Norman

Deb Norman is the creator of The Quantum Blueprint.
She offers wisdom in the areas of psychological astrology, psychic/medium- Reiki, Secheim, Theta healings, Energy body healings, strategic intervention life coaching and metaphysics.

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