What are you waiting (weighting) to create? by Shauna Teaken

If you don’t have all the money you’d like and/or you are carrying extra weight on your body – the two things just might be related!!!

A strange title for an article about Body Bliss – but money is about your body. You the being don’t use food, clothing, shelter, a car or a smart phone. Your body does! And bodies love fun, ease and pleasure.  A happy body responds with youthful energy and appearance!

Money follows fun, too!

I have a confession to make – I have never held a 9-5 job in my life. I have had what many people would call a charmed life BUT… As a struggling uni student 35 years ago, I started my first business with no capital and no real plan. I had enthusiasm, though!

I printed up some hand drawn flyers. I rented a hall. Seventy-five people showed up the first night and I made 3 times my weekly student allowance!

That little business (6 hours per week) ran for 6 years and brought me, in today’s terms, between $1-2ooo A WEEK. Since then I have had maybe 10-15 businesses in very different fields – some successful, some horrible, costly ‘failures’.

So what? I just kept creating! I found the things that come easy to me, that other people apparently find hard, and I did them.

What comes easily to you, that you are not valuing enough?

There was a common thread – I had to do something I enjoyed, was enthusiastic about , and which gave me the freedom to do all the other things I loved doing.

You see, at the age of twenty, I knew enough about myself to know what I required on a daily basis to make my life worth living and keep me well and happy. I actually thought I wasn’t ‘strong’ or ‘consistent’ enough to be an employee for very long.

I made a demand of myself that no matter what it took, I was going to set up my life to work for me.

What would work for you? What would be fun for you?

Things I required and still require – plenty of time to exercise, walk, go to the beach, read. Write, draw, daydream. Time and money to study all the things I’m interested in.

What would you like more time and money to do?

Personal growth was and is vital to me. The sustainablity of the planet. I’ve had two natural healing centres.

What is vital to you?

I knew I needed plenty of change – I get bored easily. I’ve started and ditched two uni degrees, businesses, sold houses, moved lots of times. It maybe different for you, but that’s the point.

There are some keys here for you – what are you waiting for?

Shauna Teaken is a self-confessed hedonist, and uses the tools of Access Consciousness in her business coaching programs. She can be found at shaunasisland.com



Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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