What Does The PowerFULL You Look Like? by Sandra Meehan

If you asked one hundred people the above question, each of them would have a different answer.  

Let me share with you what it looks like for me.

It is not to attack, blame or judge self or others. It is to stand in one’s own power in the fullness of who you truly are.

To be able to do this, I believe there are eight fundamental keys to unlocking your powerfull self from within.

Key 1 Releasing Your Fear

The reason so many hang onto FEAR will be either one or all of the following.

 Fear of Loss, e.g. What will I lose if I change?

 Fear of the Process, e.g. It is going to be hard I may get hurt. 

 Fear of the Outcome, e.g. What if nothing changes?

This is what keeps so many on the hamster wheel just going around and around. 

FEAR is just an illusion when we truly look at it unless we are genuinely being threatened in a life and death situation of being physically harmed. 

Key 2 Loving Your Connection to Physicality

Have you sat and indeed observed how many people are just walking around not grounded into their physical bodies.  

We are here to embrace everything Mother Earth has to offer, and when we ground our spirit truly into our body, we can see our unlimited potential.

One no longer lives in the fight and flight mode. 

Key 3 Loving Your Self First Then Others Without Guilt

The fundamental object of this is forgiveness as when we forgive ourselves and others. We no longer shackle ourselves to the past. Forgiveness is the first step to self-love. If we can not love ourselves warts and all, then how can we allow anyone too?

Key 4 Powering Up Your Power Centre

Unfortunately for thousands of years, we have used our power to control others. When this key is fully unlocked, one no longer allows others to control them or feel the need or desire to control others.

Key 5 Unlocking Your Voice So It Can Be Heard

It is your birthright for your voice to be heard and felt. When this key is unlocked, and you speak with love, power and wisdom, you can genuinely make an impact.

Key 6 Removing Your Masks

If I was to ask you who the real you was, would you truly be able to answer me? So many believe that they have to hide who they truly are because they think it is not safe to be seen.

We are all here in this lifetime for everyone to see our true authentic Self. 

Key 7 Releasing Your Mind Blocks

When you clear the clutter from your mind, the ego-mind is no longer in control, and you can hear the words of your soul. You come into a place of peace where you can bring forth your true gifts and desires.

Key 8 Stepping into Unconditional Love.

I have kept the very best for last as when this key is unlocked, and you can truly step into the place of unconditional love for every sentient being and yourself.

You have let go of all the lower negative thoughts and truly started to see every single person through the eyes of love.

It is no accident that you are on the planet in this great time of change as this is the lifetime YOU choose to become just not your PowerFULL Self, you came here to also be Your True Authentic Self. 

These Eight Keys are the cornerstone of our work at the PowerFULL You.

If you are ready to step into your PowerFULL Self and want to know more about our work here at the PowerFULL You, then contact us through Facebook

Don’t forget to check out my TV Show where I interview amazing women who share their stories  

I look forward to connecting with You real soon. 

Sandra Meehan

Sandra Meehan and Rebecca Bowden are a mother daughter duo and the creators of The PowerFULL You, and coach business women and female entrepreneurs to break through their limited mindset and rock their visibility from the inside out.

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