What Happens When You Have an Intuitive Healing? By Sharon Breslin

As an intuitive healer, one never knows what new and amazing teachings will arise. Each and every client is so unique. I believe the soul guides you, when the time is right to work with a healer. It knows, when it is time to reveal vital information from deep within the subconscious mind and cellular memory. It gives permission for this information to surface and fully immerse itself into the conscious mind so that it can assist in piecing together the “missing link/s” in your current life situation.

Often a client comes to me with a particular physical or emotional issue. These are addressed but there is always so much more.

One Client’s Story:
Physical Concerns: A tennis elbow
Healing Session: Prior to client arriving: (spirit gave me this information)

There is a little girl in spirit – you have lost a baby. I am given a name – Bronwyn. At the moment your husband is holding the purse strings – as this is a part of your lives he can control. He feels that he is not good enough and will be left behind. You are so talented with an amazing project on the horizon. The project is very important and it has caused undercurrents for many years with regards to your marriage. Speak your truth with compassion and understanding and invite him on the journey with you. Make him part of it.

The right side of the body is about taking action. You take action on so many events in your life but when it is deeply personal – it is a struggle. Your soul knows – and you are currently trapped in fear.

Hands on healing on arrival: (brief summary)
A past life was shown – your right arm had been amputated at the elbow for stealing. You were a man in that life. This can be associated with how you feel every time you need money and have to get permission from your husband.

Physical work was done in the etheric field on your body – one area was very prominent – the uterus. You are worried it might be cancer. I am sure you will notice a difference in this part of your body. It has something to do with the blood flow.

Client advises at end of session and later:
She lost a baby and her own middle name is Bronwyn. Her husband was made redundant and it was a very nasty experience. Unemployed since.

She was having tests for bladder cancer and at the age of 60 still on HRT as each time she tried to come off she would continually bleed.

I bumped into her a month later and she advised the tests were negative, the elbow felt great and the best thing – the bleeding had totally stopped.

I have learnt so much about life and the human psyche. It’s such an honour and privilege to share this information with you all.



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  • Thank you so much for a really well compiled and inspiring magazine.. Your articles are diverse, and encompass so much related to conscious living, and wellbeing.. It is also very much appreciated that you make your magazine
    available to us free, like this every issue, and so readable.. Thank you!


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