What if 2022 is Your Year to Generate More Money Than Ever Before? By Shauna Teaken

What if you and your body could be continuously generating money, wealth and abundance, with relaxation and amusement?

Welcome to Money Generators!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Engines Please!

Money Generators are specific energy flows to increase generation, creation and receiving of money.

The Money Generators Energy Flows are designed to be downloaded and played whenever you’d like to increase your currency flows.

Every day for 7 days, Shauna will be posting a short, 10 minute “Money Generators” live into a private Facebook group starting in January.

So, foot on the accelerator?

Get ready to hit the gas and fire up those motors!

What’s an Energy Flows?

The Gold Energy Flows are Shauna’s unique form of guided energy exercise (a bit like a meditation) which is not only relaxing for mind and body, but opens up new possibilities in all areas of life.

Try This

Simply take a deep breath in, pull energy through your head, down through your whole body, out through your feet and into the earth. 

Let the energy sink deep into the earth.

(It’s not a visualisation. Don’t try to picture it.)

Breathe out with a big sigh.

You probably did that as quick as you read it. It’s a natural capacity, this connecting with our bodies and the earth. 

Now breathe in and pull energy up from the earth, through your feet, and out the top of your head like you’re a big fountain. 

Let the energy stream over you in a soft, relaxing flow.

Allow it to be a continuously flowing stream, down through your head, out your feet and into the earth, at the same time pulling up through the earth and out the top of your head.

Let it stream into very muscle, organ, bone – every cell of your body, and turn the energy to gold. Just ask for the frequency of gold.

Not a picture, not an imagining. 

Just gold energy lighting and lightening up every cell, whispering “cells, cells, relax, relax…… relax.”

This is the beginning of relaxing into using your own natural capacities to create your vision for the future.

Gold Energy Flows can be used to heal the body gently, activating the cells to detoxify and replenish; to increase energy flows with relationships, communication with nature – all areas of life.

Like to try a Gold Energy Flows ? Download or listen here: Gold Energy Flows

The Money Generators can be found here: https://shaunateaken.com/class/money-generators/


Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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