What is a Spiritual Awakening by Rebecca-Lee

Now more then ever before so many people are starting to ask questions. Questions such as; who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What am I believing to be true? What kind of world do I want to live in?

All these questions and awareness are happening. They didn’t call this period of time the “Great Awakening” for nothing!

So what does it mean to be “Spiritually Awakened”? Well one thing is for sure, it is not always rainbows and sunshine! Many people feel that it should be something that is joyful and high. But often that is the furthest from the truth. It is often instigated by a tragedy such as the loss of a loved one, job, or marriage. Many people who suffer a major illness or accident have also told me that this was the start of their “Awakening”.

By “Awakening” we mean becoming aware that there is more to who you have thought yourself to be; and more to life. When you start to awaken you start to question everything about who you are and what you are doing in your life. You no longer move from day to day on autopilot.

You start to say what am I doing and WHY am I doing it? What is the meaning behind what I am doing and what is the purpose to my existence? Is there something more to who I am and what I am supposed to be doing here?
If you are unsure whether you are experiencing or have experienced a Spiritual Awakening, some of the signs below may help you.

Seven Signs you are Spiritually Awakening


  1. You start to become aware of your patterns
    Aside from becoming aware of your greater purpose and what the meaning of your life is, when you start to become awakened you start to become aware of your patterns. Things like what type of people you tend to have in your life, are surrounded by or are attracted to. What do these people say about you? How you react to or deal with certain situations. Do you get defensive; do you isolate yourself and withdraw; do you go to substances or food to help yourself feel better?

    You start becoming aware of yourself and your life as you awaken. You have a clearer vision of what is blocking you and your potential.

  2. Letting Go
    You start letting go of things that used to matter to you or that you would become involved in. Old limiting beliefs and values are also released. Perhaps you used to be involved in people’s life challenges and drama’s all the time (a little too much), and you begin to feel like you need to step back and let them deal with it. Perhaps you used to only value your physical self and neglected your heart or mind. Now you are starting to see that your thoughts and your feelings are just as important in life. Maybe you had certain beliefs about things that you don’t feel the same about anymore.

    There is a letting go process that begins to happen. You no longer fit into old parts of your life and can begin to let go.

  3. Your Intuition Increases
    As you begin to notice, unlock your blockages and understand your patterns, whilst becoming aware that there is more to you then meets the eye, your intuition starts to come online. You may start thinking about things or people and they happen. For example a person on your mind calls you. Maybe you just start to know things; such as what is truly happening in a situation, or if someone is telling you the truth or not.
    During the process of spiritually awakening your extra senses start to come back online.

  4. Synchronicity
    As you begin to make choices that are more aligned to your spiritual essence things start to “line up”. Perhaps you make the big decision to leave a job that has given you much significance or money in the past, but you no longer feel aligned with it nor are happy in the job. You decided to leave and have no idea what life will hold for you. All of a sudden you are having a random conversation with someone you know, or with someone you don’t know. Then a new opportunity arises that offers a step onto your new path.

    Maybe life gives you the opportunity to move towns or cities. Perhaps to somewhere near the beach where you have always wanted to live. At different points during your spiritual awakening life will open doors to get you on the right path; around the right people, in the right places, being aware of what you need to do, or knowing what you didn’t know before.

  5. Voicing your Truth
    You will awaken and start letting go of the masks, limiting beliefs, blockages and egocentric parts you hold. As these release you will feel the need to speak up and say what you want.

    There is a point when you realise that you and your voice are important. Your true beliefs and feelings are reflected in what you need to say. These may be to loved ones, co-workers, or even knowledge and wisdom your soul holds that you now know you need to share with the world.

    You no longer hold back in order to keep others happy or to avoid conflict. You begin to become more and more honest with yourself and who you are. Thus you are able to be authentically honest to those around you.

  6. Feeling more Compassion
    As you begin to spiritually awaken you begin to look at yourself with more kindness and compassion. At first you may not have kindness for everything in your life, but you gradually begin to become kinder to yourself and more accepting of who you are. You start to have compassion with yourself, rather than anger towards past mistakes or limited beliefs and perceptions you once had. You give yourself room to grow even if you wish you had hindsight! Allow yourself to exist as a being that is learning and growing. Start feeling more compassionate about your journey and understand the lessons which you needed to learn.

    As you start to feel compassion for yourself you become more compassionate with others, instead of feeling judgemental or critical of who they are and how they act. The more compassionate you are for yourself and your own journey, the more you feel that way for others. Life feels more peaceful this way. It is not condoning bad behaviour either. It is feeling compassion for other people’s limitations, just as you have. They may be different to yours, but we start to see ourselves all in this learning journey together.

  7. Feeling more Connected
    As you begin to open to this journey of spiritual awakening, some may begin to “come out of their cave”. That is; you may start opening yourself up to talk to others again. For many people finding the right like-minded people is hard. Looking past the toxic or misaligned people you used to be around can be difficult.

    With conscious intention and a willingness to find more like-minded souls, synchronicity can lead us on the right track to the right people as we listen to our intuition. We go places or say yes to things that we may not have in the past. We learn to trust our intuition about people, when we may not have listened before.

    Very soon you will begin to find yourself in the right group, the right job, around the right friends you feel connected to, and with whom are also spiritually awakening. Everyone is conscious of each other. As well as taking good care of themselves, and are not filled with selfishness as many of us experienced before our awakening. Perhaps you don’t feel so involved with your own world now either, and are not as selfish as you may have been in the past. You are now more aware of others and their journey.

    If you are interested in knowing where you are at present in terms of your consciousness level; the type of lover you are and the health of your chakra’s pop over to my website www.rebecca-Lee.com and take my “Awakening Code”. It will take you a bit of time to answer the questions but that in itself should be very helpful to you in understanding where you are at with many things in your life and who you are at the moment. At the end of the survey I will show you what kind of Lover Archetype you are; where you are currently sitting in the map of consciousness and what the health of your chakra’s are like.



Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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