What Is My Purpose? By Shveta

A QUESTION that haunts almost everyone at least once on this planet, especially when the wake-up call gets so loud that it almost pierces and cracks open your heart.

I wandered aimlessly for 3 decades ignoring the wake-up calls to abide by the rules, following instructions laid by my well-meaning people. Well, that’s how it looks like now when I ponder over my past. 

I remember so vividly almost 30 years ago, as I observed my mother preparing for evening prayers. It was a gloomy winter evening and something was different. I was sad and upset but didn’t want to share with anyone.

Listening to the soothing musical prayers, I chose to sit down after the ritual and close my eyes. And that was my first wake-up call. I tasted the most divine connection of cosmic love with pure bliss. I was overwhelmed with pure love and I burst into tears. I kept crying not knowing why but I wasn’t sad anymore. I felt LOVE, a pure unconditional blanket of love that washed away my sad tears. It was like the first seedling planted in my heart. 

And as I came out of the meditation after hours, I questioned: 

“What am I doing here? I should be heading to the Himalayas for more meditation. Why am I studying if I can taste the bliss with this connection?”

All these thoughts scared my parents, and I was asked to limit the meditation time. I was told:

“You need to focus on your education, this is not the right age”.

Back then, I was a child and I abided by what they asked me to do. There were few episodes like that, but I would hold myself back from going deeper. Moving along, I just kept ignoring that pull, telling myself stories woven in my head by others.

Years passed by and I got busy in the normal quest of human life – education, career, marriage, and kids. But there was a constant emptiness that used to wallow me with inexplicable pain. I would wonder and then fill it with worldly possessions that used to bring instant gratification. I was operating as a zombie in a human cloak with constant frustration, suffocation, confusion, and a facade of a beautiful life. 

Little did I know, back then that I was standing in my own way and blocking the flow that’s causing the emptiness. So, the universe had to get louder for me – throwing a few life-changing circumstances on my face that appeared to snatch away everything I was attached to.

There I was, standing in oblivion with despair and pain making way for me to connect to the divine. As if the seedling once planted in childhood was ready to bloom. The meditation surfaced a lot of unprocessed pain for which I needed to heal and do the inner work. 

With all these years of healing work, that continues endlessly, I learned:

  • Our soul purpose is what we chose to do in this lifetime.
  • Before arriving on this Earth plane, our soul chooses carefully the lessons, experiences, circumstances for this lifetime.
  • When our human cloak comes in the way, there is a misalignment.
  • When we suppress or constrain ourselves, we come out of alignment with our soul.
  • Each time we go out of alignment, we feel emptiness, despair, sadness, frustration, anger, etc
  • Our soul is patient and calm, whispering the direction and wildness, but the human in us stays oblivious until we consciously connect to the world within.
  • Connecting to the inner world, connects us to our soul. And as we recalibrate to the energy within, our outside lives transform as well.
  • As we continue nourishing the camaraderie with our soul, the more balanced we feel – usually after massive knockouts which dismantle the foundation created by the human self and replace it with soul-led deep roots.
  • The more balanced we feel, the more our lives flow through us and there we are living our purpose – living a life untethered and unbound led by our beautiful souls.

The unapologetic, fully accepting, authentic reflection of our soul which fulfils our soul purpose.

So, let’s connect a little more to our souls each day and live a wild soul-led life – untamed, untethered, and boundless.





Shveta is a software engineer turned intuitive therapist, an inspired writer/speaker and creator of Untethered Goddess. Her programs and sessions help women to unleash their inner goddess, leading them to live with authenticity and exuberance.

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