What is the Heart Shift? By Elena Burton

In our modern society we think that the brain is the most important part of the body. How intelligent a person is, usually determines how much money he/she makes, and how society values him/her. We have forgotten the value of the heart.

In ancient Egypt, when Pharaohs died, their bodies were mummified. They removed their organs and placed them in four clay vessels, with the exception of the heart, genitals and brain. The heart and genitals were considered the most important parts of the body, and they were placed back inside the body. The brain however was given special consideration. It was taken and thrown in the garbage. Now you understand how much value the ancients placed upon the brain. It takes time to comprehend this ancient point of view.

Long ago the brain was the servant of the heart and only perceived according to the wishes of the heart. But when we fell to this low stage of consciousness, the ego was created, and it has been in control ever since, hence, all the problems of the entire world.

We invite you to experience the teaching of ‘Living from the Heart’ as it was presented in ancient times beginning with the Sacred Space of the Heart. When you enter into the tiny space of the Heart and make the connection to the brain, then as a final stage – the Mer-Ka-Ba, your Light Body, should activate automatically, this method of teaching this information is much simpler than anything that has been presented in modern times.

The Sacred Space of the Heart has been almost completely lost to humanity. It has survived, but barely. It has always been, almost totally, an oral tradition where a teacher would reveal this knowledge only to special students and usually after the teacher has had a long time to evaluate the student to see the true nature of their heart.
There have been only three times, that this subject has been discussed in the written word. They are the Upanishads from ancient India; the Secret Chamber of the Heart, which is a separate book from the Torah. Ancient Israel; the Song of Waitaha, a modern book from New Zealand, and fourth book by Drunvalo Melchizedek called Living in the Heart. Throughout history, all the rest of the teachings on the Sacred Space of the Heart have been oral teachings.

The subtle world of the heart is where all things in the universe were created from and where they received their physical existence. It is the core of everything that is. This will become clearer as you unfold your direct experience of the Sacred Space of the Heart.

Elena offers worldwide workshops presented through Drunvalo Melchizedek’s school of remembering. The 4 day intensives combine scientific knowledge and ancient spiritual wisdom with practical experiences.
For more information go to: www.ExploreYourself.com or call 044 82 000 99


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor, publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine and she also offers multi-media whispering energy sessions. She has been a freelance writer for 16 years for magazines.

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