What Truths Are You Not Allowing Yourself to See? By Jean Sheehan

“Mummy why does the doctor not believe me that my eye is okay and will get better?” This is what Daniel said to his Mum at a Medical Intuitive session recently. Daniel is a six year old boy whom is losing his eyesight in his left eye according to the medical system. His Mum brought Daniel to me as she and Daniel believed there was another approach to his sight and needed to understand what was happening.

The eye body consciousness is about seeing truth. If there is dis-ease of the eye, it means avoidance and the eye chakra is not in balance, which means there are high expectations. The left eye is linked with the third eye and this means the child’s journey is about seeing beyond duality and using his/her intuition and insight.

For Daniel, seeing beyond duality was difficult, as he could see truth that everything is love but when he started school he saw things were not always loving. He was not able to express his insights at school and it felt as though if he went ‘blind’ he did not have to see the scary monsters (the masculine world of education). He was avoiding being himself and shining his brilliance.

It was important to show Daniel how to ‘see’ love on this earth planet and ‘allow’ him to share his insights. He had high expectations on this soul journey of it being all about love and he felt disappointed. This lead to feeling as though he was disappointing his family and the school teacher. It was time for a transformation of this amazing STAR child personality.

Daniel loved all things metaphysical and so he was asked to have an optic calcite crystal on his left eye every day for 15 minutes. This crystal is specific for eyes. He then had to ‘imagine’ or ‘see’ gold energy going inside his 3rd eye and left eye and down the optic nerve and into his brain. When he saw this, he would know that the eye was getting better. Gold is used in alchemy processes as it is the colour of achievement and action, which aids in finding peace, works on the nervous system and brings golden beginnings/endings. Daniel did this for one month. When he returned to see me, his Mum said his sight was 70% better and the doctors could not explain why.

The key to this work is the transformation and recovery, and for children to know it is OK to be themselves and to shine their brilliance. In Daniel’s case, it was about showing and being the “knowing and all seeing” wisdom. Mum changed Daniel’s school to a place where Daniel could share what he ‘saw’ and felt safe expressing himself.

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