What’s Possible Naturally For Your Dental Health? By Shauna Teaken

Have you ever had any problems with your gums, like receding gums, bleeding gums, inflamed gums or gum disease?

Have you ever had any cavities in your teeth, things like tooth decay, a bunch of fillings or crowns in your mouth?

Have you ever had to have a tooth pulled and now you have a missing tooth or teeth?

Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry can help you with all these problems and more.

“With Happy Mouth, we use consciousness, energy frequencies, and resonances to solve these problems, and we’ve found a way of showing you how to solve these problems too!”

Dr Tom Kolso, a dentist practicing in the USA for over 25 years, began asking what more might be possible, naturally, for his patients beyond the “drill, fill and bill” he was taught in dental school. More than 20 years ago, he began studying different modalities of energy, the various hand placements, what they mean, and started asking a lot of questions. He put together different systems that were already out there and working, with his own original material – combining and modifing them until he found what worked.

You have an opportunity now to learn to do this for you, also.

With Happy Mouth, we have activations for physical systems in the body to take care of the gums, rebuild broken or chipped teeth, grow new teeth, saliva, lymph, bone and more.

We also have hands-on body processes for things like clenching and grinding and TMJ problems.

We call Happy Mouth a “Youthening System” and we actually have a Youthening System activation point.

We also have activations for more awareness and insight, and for receiving more and responding appropriately.

Our classes are for people who would like to learn the system to use on family and friends, and have family or friends apply the system to them.

But we also have many people who attend class to become Happy Mouth Practitioners, and have clients come for sessions.

We hold Happy Mouth classes in various areas around the world and have recorded classes available to purchase, too.

You can find out more at Your Happy Mouth.com

Shauna Teaken has been the worldwide coordinator for Happy Mouth for 7 years. She will be teaching a 3-day hands-on class that will be livestreamed to various places around the world in November.


Shauna Teaken

Shauna Teaken has a light hearted yet surprisingly effective approach to joyful living with youthful vitality that goes beyond the expected.

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