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I have created eight different types of Financial Archetypes and today I would love to give you a brief overview of them to help you uncover behaviours that may, or may not, be working for you when it comes to business and your finances. 

All of us have at least two predominant financial Archetypes that reside within us which strengthen and weaken our abilities to manage our financials. These Archetypes are designed to be our strengths, but a lot of the time, we fear them, indulge in them and allow them to become our weaknesses.

The eight Archetypes are as follows: The Junior, The Financial Victim, The Entrepreneur, The Guru, The Frivolous Spender, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, The Financial Perpetrator and The Manifestor. 

Each Archetype has a specific trait, and if you resonate with it, then there is a high chance that this Archetype is one that is dominant within you. 

Let’s dive in! 

The Junior Archetype relates to someone who reacts to their business and money much like a child would. They are generally employed and perform tasks that are simple and rarely think outside the box. These people often avoid paying bills and opt to dig their heads in the sand when they become overwhelmed. 

The Financial Victim Archetype lives in the past and consistently blames their woe’s on others or external factors. They are somewhat passive aggressive and can sometimes disguise themselves as The Junior Archetype in the way they conduct themselves. These people have often been abused, betrayed or suffered loss, so they need to be met with the utmost love and compassion as they may not have faced their pain.

The Entrepreneur Archetype is out to relentlessly conquer all the money in the world. They are completely driven and motivated by money and material success. These people excel in business, yet may run into trouble when going after their desires, as they can burn out from overactivity. 

The Guru Archetype will often feel the overbearing need to take care of others, and as a result will neglect their own needs. These people have the ability to be truly gifted healers and powerful manifestor’s.

The Frivolous Spender Archetype is a gambler by nature, and they are always looking for windfalls, discounts and coupons. These people generally have unmet needs and desires which means that they are always seeking outside themselves for gratification, thinking that this will make them feel better, or bring them success.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Archetype is on a spiritual artistic path because living in the material world is somewhat difficult. When applied properly, these people have the ability to create anything, they just need to move past the blocks that are stopping them from believing that what they want is too material for them.

The Financial Perpetrator Archetype uses money to control people, events or circumstances. These people are destined to be CEO’s and have complete control over their lives and business, but they don’t know how to apply themselves properly.

The Manifestor Archetype is the ideal Archetype because they are fully awake and aware. They know how to manifest, can transform their financial reality quickly, claim their own power and are conscious of their patterns and cycles. While this Archetype has their own blocks to work through, they are aware of them and face them head on. 

Working with your archetypes can be a rewarding journey. If you would like to dive a little deeper you can access a copy of my Free E-Book, Reconcile: A Journey Through Financial Archetypes here at: 


Much Love! 


For more information head to this link to Abbey’s home page on her website.

Abbey Rose

Abbey Rose, The Spiritual Accountant, is here to help you create, manage and protect your wealth. With over 15 years in the finance sector, Abbey brings cutting edge business and financial wisdom that mixes the worlds of strategy and intuition helping you create financial sovereignty.

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