Why I no longer start the year with vision boards by Rebecca-Lee

I used to love getting out the pens, scissors and cardboard at the start of each New Year to start connecting in with all the things that I wanted to achieve for the New Year. However, this seems so obsolete to me these last few years.

In fact, I’ve noticed many of my clients have also not felt the motivation or need to set goals or create vision boards as it lacked the inspiration it once had.

So what happened to our vision board mojo?

Things have changed. Many of us have changed. We are not in the “see and strive” energy anymore. It is a very masculine way of creating, and we have been shifting, or rather, balancing more feminine ways of being in this world.

It’s not that we can’t vision what we would like, but the last couple of years have seen so many of us deepen into surrendering to visions as they come, rather than force them out at the start of the year. And then it becomes a journey of unknowingness, rather than one that we can plan and execute.

It seems more fitting now to focus our energy on the capacity to surrender and be in the moment and trust our intuition rather than to plan what we want and how we are going to get it.

2018 is going to see more people surrender to the divine and make decisions and changes that were not even on their radar. Decisions that will ensure they struggle and resist less and “be” more.

We have spent too many of our days in the energy of lack and focusing on what we want because we don’t have it; what we want to learn because we don’t know it; what we want to be, because we are not it – yet, in deep truth – everything we need – to be – has always been within us.

What if we can create in an energy of less stress; less push; less struggle from feeling gratitude for all that already is? What if we created and lived and loved from a space of love and gratitude and trust for what we already know; whom we already know; and whom we already know ourselves to be?

I have found it so much more freeing and joyful to move around my life in a grateful state of already being where I want to be, by acknowledging all that I have already within and around me, rather than from living my life striving for things I want to achieve, be or have.

Start off your new year by creating a vision board of all that you are grateful for already, not what you don’t have, and watch magic come alive in your life.



Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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