Working with the Moon’s Phases by Courtney Stark

The moon is our nearest celestial neighbour and farmers and fisherfolk alike know that she has a powerful influence.  There are dozens of old wives’ tales about the moon including the best time to worm your children, the most beneficial time for a haircut and even when to expect more births. 

So, what are the moon’s phases and how can we work with them?

The moon has eight phases in total, but we can group those into four main themes.

New to Full Moon (waxing)

The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and from here the moon will wax, growing in appearance in the night sky from a crescent to full moon.  This is a time of fertility and growth.  Fertilise your garden, start a savings account and send your intentions out to the universe.  Write down a plan and start working on it! 

Full Moon

The lunar energy peaks at the full moon providing illumination and allowing for reflection on our spiritual and personal paths.  Time to check on the plans you started during the new and waxing phase and make any adjustments.  Celebrate your wins and know that those goals you are working towards are coming to fruition. 

Full to Dark Moon (waning)

After the full moon, the visibility of the moon gradually reduces, turning towards the dark moon.  This is the waning phase and a time for working on things you want to release or inhibit.  Perfect for mowing the lawn, pruning trees or cutting your hair, you can also work on things such as quitting smoking, removing toxic relationships or reducing poor food choices in your diet.    

Dark Moon

When no moon is visible in the sky, just before the new moon appears, this is the dark moon.  A time of resting and introspection, it presents an opportunity to work on “shadow” aspects of yourself, by journaling your thoughts and identifying areas in your life that hold you back.  Outdated beliefs or destructive aspects of your personality are areas that can be worked on to enable you to move forward.  Let go of what no longer serves and make way for the new. 

Working with the lunar phases can provide you with a structure to not only achieve personal growth but manage your affairs in an efficient way, from gardening to growing your business.  Try it and see what working with the moon can do for you.

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Written by Courtney Stark Connect on Facebook and Insta: @thesacredwillowau

Courtney Stark

After 20 years as a solitary pagan, Courtney Stark shares her love of Earth based spirituality through her online store. Courtney has one of Australia’s largest ranges of spiritual and metaphysical goods and is passionate about helping others on their spiritual path.

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