You are the Power of Creation by ZaKaiRan

You may think, at times, that life isn’t fair and the chips are stacked against you.  But however, your life is, good or bad, that is of your own creation, based upon how you have been thinking.  And life is actually completely fair across the board, and the Law of Attraction ensures that it is, because everyone has the equal power within them to be, do and have, whatever they desire to create in their lives – without exceptions!

There are no favorites in the universe!  There are no “special” people that are granted more of their wishes, or given more luck than anyone else, because there is nothing and no one granting anything to anyone based upon anything other than their individual thoughts and therefore vibration! 

No one is a puppet on a string and no one is a victim!  Every single person is responsible for the creation of their own realities, and you are either a conscious deliberate creator of your reality, consciously and deliberately choosing how you are going to think and feel.  Or, you are an unconscious creator of reality, based on how you react to what is manifesting in your life and on Earth. 

And it is your choice to wake up and embrace your power of creation, or to stay a comfortably number “victim”, doing as you are told, to make everyone else happy, at the expense of your own happiness, and at the expense of your own dreams and desires.

Everyone has dreams and desires, and the contrast of life, (what we experience that we don’t like and don’t want), ensures that we will always instantly launch rockets of desire for the improvement we desire, based upon that contrast. 

And your dreams and desires are always calling you towards them, so there is no escape from them!  You can try to leave your dreams behind, and you can try to repress your desires, but they will always haunt you like the ghosts in “The Christmas Carol”.  And you are either heading towards your dreams and desires and feeling happy, or you are resisting their call and heading in the opposite direction and feeling bad.  Because when you are heading towards your dreams and desires, those are the times that you will feel the most fulfilled, (even if you don’t have what you want yet).  Because you are a creator!  And creators are most happy and fulfilled when they are actively creating their desires into physical reality!

And the only difference between the extremely happy, successful, rich and free person, or the powerless, helpless, struggling depressed victim, is how much each person is willing to get out of their own way and allow the Universe to give them their dreams and desires without resisting them and trying to prove their worth to receive them!


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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