You don’t need someone’s permission to grow, evolve or change by Shveta

We grow and change as life unfolds mysteriously.

Each experience brings us closer to our authentic version. Each experience is an opportunity to choose our truth. And then life unravels in such a way that we feel as if it is unfolding magically and we are evolving.

Often you would have noticed that things that resonated with you are no longer exciting for you or vice versa.

Change is the only constant in our lives.

We don’t stay the same forever. Everything in nature changes, moves and evolves in its way. And so do we.

Some people who claim that they love you, may get upset seeing you grow because you no longer fit into the box they created for you. Those are the people who are happy for you to stay in the box especially created for you.

The box fits and resonates with their idea of the life you should be living.

They will get upset because you don’t resonate with their version anymore.

They don’t like the change. Change scares them and when you change, it feels devastating for them if they are too attached to you. It’s like one of the major constants is changing in their life. It seems unbearable for them.

They like the idea of controlling your life subtly or intentionally without you being aware of it.

It gives them a sense of accomplishment by manoeuvring your life their way.

They were controlling you for so long and then suddenly you are no longer in their control.

When I started choosing myself over everyone else, I lost many relationships, as not many were happy to see the change.

They were pretty cross, because I was no longer putting their needs first.

The truth is, I never knew that I could evolve. I was too scared to follow the voice within. I was too busy following the rules laid down by others. And I wanted to stay safe and secure.

Radical change is scary as it jolts the very essence of your security, but it brings the very essence of your being back to alignment.

And you know what, you don’t need anyone’s permission to live a life on your terms.

If this triggers your fears – fear of speaking up, fear of choosing yourself, fear of going against others’ wishes, or fear of upsetting others, then chances are the suppression template may be running your programming.

The suppression template is the longest-running program in human programming. For eons, suppression and subjugation have ruled humans. The experience of being captivated, subservient, persecuted and punished for speaking up.

As humans, we have stayed in the suppression template for so long that we don’t even realise it.

With the massive upgrades and upheaval, we are releasing these templates for good. We are cutting the cords with the hurt and pain related to suppression. We finally own our wisdom and power without fear.

And we are ready to evolve without needing anyone’s permission to be who we were always meant to be.

The deep inner healing work I assist my clients with, helps in untethering from the old non-serving paradigms & re-establishing the new ways of living the life they desire.

Work with me, if you would like to unshackle the old and heal the past to move in light and love:


Shveta is a software engineer turned intuitive therapist, an inspired writer/speaker and creator of Untethered Goddess. Her programs and sessions help women to unleash their inner goddess, leading them to live with authenticity and exuberance.

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