Your Brain – Friend or Foe? By Linda Simpson

Include Your Brain In Your Growth

It seems to me that the poor old brain gets a bad rap in our current fast moving spiritual growth phase. And really, when you look at the ‘whole’ of us, our brain can be a powerful ally.

Any change in thinking regarding how the brain affects or aides us is really up to the human.

Is it now time for you to see your brain as a fully paid-up member of your team?

Your brain is absolutely capable of learning new things.

In this world of marketing retail, I find that many promotions invite you to consider that your brain will get tired on you, and that’s some darn sneaky marketing!

Your brain can upgrade alongside your current spiritual upgrades, and in my experience, all this takes is your open communication with your brain.

Tell your brain what you want it to learn.

Begin a dialogue with your brain (not out loud, it’s still not acceptable LOL) and invite it to see what it’s doing to mess with your plans. Show it what it can do to enhance your journey together.

Your brain needs clarification of its new tasks as, for so many generations the brain has been given sole charge of our lives, and suddenly you decide it’s not having that path anymore. So, give it a clear undertaking, just as you would a friend or a business partner.

How I have grown my brain’s alliance.

As I grew to understand the role my brain had taken on, I spent time clarifying our path and requesting confirmation that this brain part of me also wanted these life choices.

One of my cameo shifts regarding my brain was in the meditation area. I kept sending it away when I wanted to meditate. Then suddenly I had the insight to ask it to join me in meditation. I added the caveat that as long as it stayed quiet and listened to my guidance from the sidelines, then we’d have a deal.

What this ended up meaning to me (kinda accidentally) is that I aligned more parts of me with my journey.

Clear old files.

My brain seemed to operate from a very small file box, using what was in those files to fit any situation. 

Clearing these files allowed my brain to see other files and to ‘lift its head’ for a bigger picture.

This is an ongoing inner clearing and one that I’ve fine-tuned for myself and my clients. The results show a brain that feels lighter and more capable of finding the correct files.

In this present moment, when my brain digs up a dumb thought or picture from ages ago, I confirm that this really is an old file, and that it should immediately act on the cancel-clear-delete system.

A process that I’ve been gifted with translating and offering is one I call Rewrite The Script, a neutralizing and shining style of process where we walk across all timelines to enable, and facilitate, your journey. This work encompasses many of my skills, facilitator, guide, medium, intuitive, mentor and spiritual friend. I’ve popped the link below if you want to discover more about this part of my work.

Blessings Beautiful Being, sending bove bubbles out over the airwaves to YOU.

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector.

Your expert on how to live a life with love and joy as abundant Ingredients.

Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector helping tired Spiritual Workers, Coaches and Healers to Realign.

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