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Local Review of Raw and Peace Cafe

Make Raw not War- This is Living! It was a beautiful sunny morning when I took a trip to Maleny to have a ‘raw experience’ at the new cafe called ‘Raw and Peace’ in Coral St. The sunny deck nestled in the leafy Hinterlands was very inviting as were the delicious treats in the cabinet when I first arrived! Damion and Ames the creators/owners greeted me with a big smile and were excited to share their passion ...

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Super Spring Smoothie with Acai

Açaí (pronounced Ah-sigh-ee). This purple berry grows deep in the Amazon Rainforest and is one of the most nutrient rich wholefoods on the planet. It is nature’s multi-vitamin but also contains over 17 vital minerals, 20 essential and non-essential amino acids, not to mention it’s the world’s richest known source of Anthocyanins (which are antioxidants that protect body systems and help protect against dise ...

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Apple Pie and Pomegranate Cream

Apple Pie with Pomegranate Cream Ingredients: 7 Medjool or good quality Turkish Dates ¼ cup of soaked almonds (overnight with skin on) ½ Large apple of choice or 1 small apple peeled (save the peel) ¼ cup cashew milk 2 dessert spoons cashew paste 2 Tsp’s Pomegranate Syrup or juice from freshly squeezed fruit Dash of agave syrup Blend the almonds, dates and pomegranate syrup together in your Bullet or Vitami ...

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Raw Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake

By Vegan Era CREW The CREW thought that we would take a break from all the delicious main meals that we have been bringing you, and delve back into some beautiful treats. Mandy has been enjoying a fast in Thailand for the past week, and it has given us a real kick in the pants to get back to eating well. Hence, the reason to bring to life some amazing RAW treats. As we all know being RAW do ...

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