SoulSpeak – The Peaceful Parenting Shift by Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

Hi there Peaceful Parents and welcome to Spring 2021! This season of freshness welcomes in 2021’s biggest time of endings, closures, openings, new opportunities and the beginning of a wonderful new phase we humans are living right now and into 2022...

Working with the Moon’s Phases by Courtney Stark

The moon is our nearest celestial neighbour and farmers and fisherfolk alike know that she has a powerful influence.  There are dozens of old wives’ tales about the moon including the best time to worm your children, the most beneficial time for a...

Your Throat Chakra: Making Your Dreams Into Reality by Allie Duzett, Medical Intuitive

When it comes to the throat chakra, most people understand that it has a lot to do with speaking truth. When your throat chakra is clogged or imbalanced, it can lead to oversharing, withdrawing, lying, or speaking out of turn… or any number of...

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