Being Inspired by My P.E.T Team by Davina Herbert

I invite you to imagine a world where there is unity between humans and nature (the Earth and plants and animals).  Imagine a world where animals are viewed as sentient beings, who can contribute greatly to your life and living, if you but...

It’s okay to feel grief strongly coming into Christmas by Tonia Reeves

We are coming into such an emotionally driven time of the year for many but for those who have lost a loved one this is often amplified with the combination of loss and missing that special person and also wanting to honour them at the same time...

Just Start Moving Forward by Marc de Bruin

Time and time again, I hear clients ask themselves why “things” (events; situations, etc) happened in their life. They want answers to their “why-question”. Especially when their question pertains to events they perceive as negative. Clients then...

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