AN INCREDIBLE DAY by Sandy Torah McShane

I was very eager to get to my second art therapy session with Christine. When I’d initially eyeballed her brochure, with its picture of a pair of hands holding a ball of brown clay, my inner Jesus/inner Buddha/intuition – or whatever you want to...

Saving My Weeds By Kate Wall

There is a thug in my garden and it has to go. It’s a pretty groundcover I planted years ago and it’s now smothering far more valuable plants. It has done that most terrible of things, it has invaded my weed patch. This thuggish ground cover may be...

How I coped with grief and loss with meditation By Tamy Liriano

My Saturday started like any other Saturday, I woke up and snuggled on the sofa with my toddler to watch cartoons, and waited for a call from my parents.  Things felt blissful. We just got back home from a long holiday trip with my family, and...

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