How I coped with grief and loss with meditation By Tamy Liriano

My Saturday started like any other Saturday, I woke up and snuggled on the sofa with my toddler to watch cartoons, and waited for a call from my parents.  Things felt blissful. We just got back home from a long holiday trip with my family, and...

The personal journey of Sweetness Skulls and Light by Katherine Christie

Owner Katherine Christie has long been fascinated with crystals, stones, and rocks along with an appreciation for the natural wonders of our world; our moon, stars, and our sun. Drawn to crystal skulls with their symbolic reminder of birth, life...

Shiny Object Syndrome and Talking to a Bull By Vicki O’Connor

There’s been a lot of talk in the circles I move in (LOL – is if I’m “moving” around with Covid restrictions!) about shiny object syndrome. Some think it is a good thing, some a not-so-good thing. I’m a bit on the...

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