How Habit Stacking Can Lead to Successful Mindfulness Practices by Dinah Kleyman

I set my toothbrush down and turned off the light. Then, as I began to prepare for bed, I witnessed my hand reach for my headphones, and I found myself pushing play on my favorite mindfulness app. I settled in, taking deep breaths, as the soothing...

You can be whoever you want to be, regardless of who you are now by Auret Esselen

If everyone and everything seems to affirm that you should be happy with your current circumstances, then you shouldn’t feel like something is ‘off’, right?  Wrong. If you’re not happy, if you feel misaligned or unsatisfied, if you feel like you’re...

‘Mind Free’ by Mark Stephens

Leonie’ s story (pp. 138-139) Imagine how bad life would be if you had a headache every single day for 59 years. Leonie was born with Chiari malformation, a rare and serious neurological disorder, where the cerebellum protrudes through the base of...

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