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Seekers Unite! by Vanessa Finnigan

A Day with Marianne Williamson She had us at hello! Actually I felt I was being ‘worked on’ before I arrived for the one day experience, as I didn’t sleep well the night before (which is unusual for me) and didn’t eat much breakfast in the morning (also a rare thing). However, when my partner and I arrived at the Brisbane Convention Centre and found our seats, I felt a serene energy permeating the room whic ...

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A Moment with Dr Patch Adams

I was invited to Uplift festival as a media partner in Dec 2014. As a group of media people, we had the opportunity to have 5 mins each with Dr Patch Adams. Dr Adams is a clown, doctor, political activist and teacher. I was inspired by his level of dedication and integrity in assisting the planet. He has devoted 40 years of his life to changing America’s healthcare system and believes that laughter, joy and ...

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What Sings to Your Being in 2015?

This year we celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and it had a totally different energy to it. We had a beautiful dinner, remembered loved ones who had passed and also appreciated each other more than ever before. It didn’t have the same pressured feeling about it like previous years. We also had lunch on Boxing Day with my step son this year as he chose to work on Xmas day to support a disadvantaged famil ...

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Reflecting on Creating Something from Nothing

It’s that time of the year when there are of course lots of festive gatherings and ‘things’ to do and for me, it’s also a time to reflect on the year and think about what I’m grateful for. Holistic Bliss has grown this year (we also celebrated our 5th Birthday at Daisy’s Place!!) and we have been able to reach more readers than ever before. This wouldn’t have been possible without a great team, brilliant wr ...

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Remembering Dad

It’s been nearly a year since Dad passed and I am in a space I didn’t think I’d be in. I actually feel a sense of connectedness to my Dad that is difficult to explain. I know I have cried a lot over the last year when I miss him being physically in the world and in my life. At the same time I recently celebrated my 40th Birthday and I felt his presence with me and a sense of lightness. I really thought I’d ...

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What is Being?

About eleven years ago I meditated in New Zealand for three months was an amazing experience but I realised I couldn’t continue to stay there. It was very peaceful but I was avoiding living and creating my life in the world. Back then I thought ‘being’ was all about stillness. These days I know being is many, many more experiences than just stillness. Being for me, is about choosing in each ...

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What is My Body Telling Me?

I’ve had some really interesting things happening with my body over the last few weeks and I’d like to share a little bit with you to show how clever our bodies are in giving us information. When the body has some kind of pain or intensity it is trying to tell us something, usually we haven’t heard or received the message earlier and so now the body ramps it up so we can’t ignore it anymore....our bodies ha ...

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Stepping up and Dealing with the Knockers

Have you found something you love doing or found a new way of being only to be shot down in flames by a person who sees your joy as annoying? Some might say you have attracted that person or it’s a mirror of some aspect of you. I think it's just about being aware or if I have an emotionally charged reaction to this person’s grumpiness or invalidation, I ask, ‘where do I do that or where have I done that in ...

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