What is Your Truth Around Healing? By Vanessa Finnigan

You don’t have to be sitting in a healing dome, whispering mantras, wearing a purple tie died outfit to be ‘conscious’ or a ‘healer’.

In fact, we are all ‘healers’, we all have the ability to ‘heal’ our body, mind and life, it’s just some of us have more of a desire to dedicate our life to learning healing modalities to experience more growth and facilitate people to transform in more dynamic or quicker ways. Others may have ‘lived experience’ or made a series of choices that opens them up to their own inner wisdom. And the uniqueness of who they be, inspires others to make different choices.

But that is just my perspective….healing can mean different things to different people, and I have seen healers burn out when they feel it’s their job to do all the work of ‘healing someone’ or feel dissed when their clients are not making enough progress.  It’s also disempowering to your clients when you set yourself up as the ‘Source’, so people never get to realise their own knowing and brilliance. We don’t have to sit at the feet of the guru our whole life, these are the times to claim the guru within!

Being the uniqueness of you, as that moves and changes, is automatically the invitation for others to be more of who they are, then the ‘techniques’ or awareness or questions can create more openings for shifts to occur. But it’s the person who is coming for a healing or facilitation who is choosing to receive. Only they can let go, release and allow their own body and mind to ‘heal’. And if we are all infinite beings, do we really require healing of our spirit or being? Is it more about remembering our brilliance, joy, infiniteness in more moments?

I have been in the ‘healing field’ my whole adult life.  I was a Lifeline Telephone counselor at 19 years of age and then spent six years training as a psychologist to go on to work with children, families and adults, and then I eventually acknowledged my published articles were also a facilitation for others.

Over the last nine years I have added energy facilitation to my offerings and I am totally in my element and so honoured to be a part of people’s journeys and I could see from an early age that some people take small steps, others dive right in, some can receive from you and others not as much. And what if you asked for the people to show up now who are ready to work with you?

Some shifts and changes come quickly while other things we may have to revisit many times before we receive the awareness and let go.

And while we do all have the wisdom we require inside ourselves, it’s a massive gift to allow others to walk alongside us, offering support, a question or awareness from a different perspective and this can assist us to connect more deeply within ourselves and with others.

In these big times of change, what would it take to own your facilitation gifts and acknowledge the brilliance in others too (but only as much as they can receive), so that consciousness can spread like wildflowers?


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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