Appreciating the Simple Gifts of Life by Vanessa Finnigan

In these times of great change, we are creating a more awakened world together and it helps to have leaders who inspire and encourage us to believe in ourselves. Anna Grace Taylor is a great example of a leader who does just that, and exudes a...

What is Your Truth Around Healing? By Vanessa Finnigan

You don’t have to be sitting in a healing dome, whispering mantras, wearing a purple tie died outfit to be ‘conscious’ or a ‘healer’. In fact, we are all ‘healers’, we all have the ability to ‘heal’ our body, mind and life, it’s just some of us have...

Creating and Living the Dream! By Vanessa Finnigan

Baking with local, wholesome produce- the old-fashioned way, lights a primal spark in our hearts. It engages our senses, involves our mind, body and spirit and takes us on a meditative journey, connecting us with our ancestors and providing...

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