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Who would have thought going on a holiday to Hawaii and buying a new camera, would be the catalysts to a life transformation! That’s exactly what happened to US entrepreneur, Beth Bell and as she started to take photos of flowers on her holiday, bliss literally unfolded in front of her eyes.
It wasn’t easy being a ‘corporate high flyer’ and acknowledging that she was receiving messages from flowers, although she came to realise the flowers were a portal to connect to divine inner wisdom. Next thing she knew, she was using her exquisite photos of flowers to create small flower photo albums for friends and they became coffee table talking pieces.
From inspired coffee table conversations to adventures overseas, Beth’s journey continued to unfold with synchronicity. In 2008 she left her corporate work and travelled the world with one of her last stops in Bali.
She showed her flower bouquet photo albums to some key people there and straight away she found a manufacturer. Beth had not expected a door to open so quickly but she realised it was the perfect place as the Balinese have empowered hearts and she wanted love to be infused into all her products, so it was a perfect collaboration.
Beth returned to her corporate job for a short time which included moving to Singapore. All the while… her brand ‘Blossom Bliss’ was getting ready to be birthed and Bali was calling her again…she described it as Mother Nature taking her in and the energy enveloping her, allowing her to feel cared for and connected. What was meant to be a three-month trip to Bali became a five-and-a-half years’ stay and she closed the door on her corporate career.
“We never quite know how the Universe is going to give us our twists and turns. I like to think I flow with the flowers and I feel like they have been the inspiration for a lot of my intuitive risks and big jumps I have taken in my life. It’s been a strong vibrational source of messages and encouragement to help me live my life’s passion. And bliss was born from that. And I use it as an acronym because I feel bliss is pure love and so it’s: B: Beautiful, L: Long lasting, I: Irreplaceable, S: Spiritual and S: Still. That’s how bliss came about for me and I felt that was experienced in relationship with people and also to flowers,” she said.
For Beth, Bliss is not about being on a roller coaster ride with euphoric highs and bottoming out with emotional lows. It’s more about the blissful state of neutrality so our environment is not triggering us to have such a negative reaction and feeling. “And that’s where Mother Nature comes in and it silences my mind and brings peace in. Just watch a flower in nature! And it doesn’t even have to be in nature, I can have that same reminder and feeling looking at a picture of a flower,” she shared.
It wasn’t long before Beth was inspired to create a beautiful shop selling all her uplifting ‘Blossom Bliss’ products in Ubud, Bali, and one day a customer was so inspired by her story that she encouraged Beth to create a blog. That suggestion stirred something in Beth’s soul, so she went home and researched blogging and also had a whole lot of other ideas come to mind, including TV and podcasting to share the bliss with more people around the world. Shortly after this, she was invited on a radio show and it hit her that she really wanted to create her own radio show. And that’s when the ‘Beth Bell radio show’ on ‘Voice America’ and ‘iHeartRadio’ was born. And Beth was thrilled to showcase people and products in the areas of consciousness and personal development to empower others to live their purpose.
More recently, Beth felt a calling to head back to her homeland and create a ‘Pollinating the planet with love’ on the road tour. “Politically there is unrest here in the US and I find it sad. I am not a Trump advocate but I do find some of what’s going on here somewhat inspiring, in that if Trump can become President, then anything is possible. And when I look at it from a spiritual rather than a political perspective, I feel that if all light workers could believe in themselves in the same way he does (not that we would do the same things he is doing) it would literally change the world overnight. Just that one lesson in itself can help us to start looking within so we can see how we can make a difference, because just complaining about a system or political group doesn’t move the needle on the perspective. Also, what if we acknowledged that we can’t make a mistake, there is just another choice.”
So it’s exciting to hear Beth bought a Cargo Van and converted it into a recording studio to do the interviews around America with conscious entrepreneurs and key influencers who shine their light and share love. A big goal of the tour is to help people come back to an awareness that they really are creating their lives and they can change their destiny no matter what has happened in the past.
What a gift to America and the planet and look out for ‘Lily cam’ (Beth’s dog Lily will also be featured so she can share her special canine magic).
Could the next stop be ‘Pollinating the Planet with Love’ in Australia? I do hope so from one bliss sister to another… what would it take?
The Four Life lessons
(What to do when you are stuck in fear-based thoughts and find it difficult to follow your inner wisdom and intuition):
  1. Let love live! We spend so much time trying to find love and feel loved when the truth is we are love. It’s about finding love within ourself and not relying on others to make us happy.
  2. Details derail! We think we need to have all the answers and think about every option. Sometimes this can be paralysing and suffocating to our intuition. It’s when we observe more and allow ourselves to be in the ‘now’ or in the ‘flow’ that we can start to see and feel the magical alignments and synchronicities happening.
  3. Expect nothing! This is a tough one. It’s totally counterintuitive to what we’re programmed to believe. However, when we do things from a heart-centred place, especially in our business lives, we make a big difference. Unconditional caring and compassion changes the environment and miraculous things unfold.
  4. Appreciate everything! It’s important to take time to reflect on the simple things that bring us happiness. Unfortunately society often rewards us for finding the faults in others and ourselves. It’s about shining the light and finding the good in things. When we are grateful, we manifest more of what we want.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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