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Super Spring Smoothie with Acai

Açaí (pronounced Ah-sigh-ee). This purple berry grows deep in the Amazon Rainforest and is one of the most nutrient rich wholefoods on the planet. It is nature’s multi-vitamin but also contains over 17 vital minerals, 20 essential and non-essential amino acids, not to mention it’s the world’s richest known source of Anthocyanins (which are antioxidants that protect body systems and help protect against disease).

Together we are helping to preserve three thousand acres of Acai rainforest and support over four thousand Brazilian families.

‘Flavours of Brazil’ have created the ideal way to spring clean from the inside with this super smoothie which is a flavour sensation!!



1 pack pure organic Acai or powder
1 organic banana
150ml apple juice


1/2 Avocado

1 organic banana

1 tsp organic spirulina

150ml organic rice milk

No ice needed!

Layer smoothies into a cup, top with coconut and goji berries and feel the difference!!

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