How To Flow With Life by Nicki McCosker-Dell

If you are following your heart, and you are a business owner, or in a relationship, have a vision, are taking steps toward your dream, or let’s face it if you are a human being, you are going to at times suddenly experience ‘the...

Part 1: The Journey from Anger to Forgiveness by Shveta

We all have been hurt by someone’s behaviour, actions, or words that come out of their mouth. Haven’t we? Criticised, nagged, or mocked by overly protective parents, dominating siblings, controlling partners, or competent colleagues. Or a traumatic...

Three Causes Of Back Pain by Trudy Vains

Living with back aches and pains can be debilitating. It’s a very common term and condition ranging from dull or throbbing aches and pains, to shooting, sharp pain. Almost everyone I know has had some form of back ache or pain in their life. I have...

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