5 Ways To Find Peace In The Present by Trish Rock

This past week I had the pleasure of seeing one of my long time mentors Eckhardt Tolle, live and in person for a 2 hour talk. I rarely go out, but this was a must do and it was a delightful and enriching evening!

One of the books that he has written and teaches is The Power of Now. Known globally for decades this book truly has changed lives and continues to be a source of inspiration.

While pondering his talk I realised that yes, our power IS now and also – Peace Is In Presence.

In my own work of teaching peace, possibility, and perception, being in the present moment is a major factor, whether that be in your current reality or in a parallel reality where you are remembering all you are.

Presence is the catalyst for inner peace and this calm in your mind, body and energy helps with navigating life in a more empowered way with a healthy body, mind, and vibrant energy.

In the now, you are not in fear of the past nor are you in anxiety of the future. You are in appreciation, gratitude and full presence of the moment, the beauty, the connection. Yes there may be things going on in your life that are not pleasant at times but the present moment allows you to see the truth of the situation, who you are in it, and brings answers. This is far better than staying in the problem.

Here are 5 ways to bring more presence and peace in to your life.

  1. Breathe

Breathing is something we don’t even notice most of the time because our body just does it but if you can tune in a few times a day (or more!) to your breath it will bring calm and presence. Simply decide to take a moment. Breathe in. Stay aware of the in breath moving into your body, then be aware of the out breath as you exhale. Do this a few times and it will centre you and bring a wave of calm.

  • Appreciation

Find something you can admire- and admire it deliberately for a few moments or more. This appreciation will bring you to the present and will leave you feeling joyful and grateful.

  • Observation meditation

Meditation does not have to be crossed legged on the floor. You can have a walking meditation or an observation meditation where you simply focus on an object – candle, insect, cloud etc, or be absorbed with what you see while walking or sitting somewhere. This focus will consume your mind and it will allow the busy thoughts to go to the back and quieten down.

  • Calm and centre

Finding your centre will help calm the system and take you out of fight, flight, freeze- the stress energy so many are in. Making decisions from a frenzied energy is not as effective and flowing as a centred energy. Take a moment to imagine a beautiful light flowing into your crown chakra (top of head) and follow it as it moves down through your body, out of your feet and straight down to the ground. Feel this connection and grounding and stability. When you feel calm, open your eyes and move through the day with centred energy.

  • Feel into the next best step

When there is a calm and peace within you and around you, the next step is always clear. If you are having trouble deciding, use the tips above to get centred and in your heart space, then ask yourself the question you are battling with. The first answer or nudge or feeling will be from your heart. Listen to that one. Then use your mind to take the action steps.

Shifting from a chaotic mind and energy to a more peaceful, centred and calm mind and energy has changed my life and the lives of my clients. Use these simple practices to change yours too.

Connect with me here: www.linktr.ee/trishrock

The PEACE Process: www.trishrock.com/thepeaceprocess

Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Best Selling Author, Holistic Counsellor and Psychic who helps people to improve their lives through breaking down the barriers to true freedom and holistic wellness. Her clients call her the Queen of Calm because of the peace and clarity she brings into their life.

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