Adventures into the Quantum World by Rebecca McQuilty

Recently, I took a trip to Orem in Utah to visit Solex Head Office who head up this incredible AO Bio Resonance Scanning Device, where they also create state-of-the-art wellness equipment and technology. 

This premiere health technology company is an absolute stand out with how far ahead they are with frequency medicine technology, and how they are delivering it to the consumer at an affordable and effective cost.

I had an incredible belief of what this technology can do before I left, however after being there, and experiencing all the different ways its being utilised, it absolutely blew my mind. I truly believe that this incredible technology should be in the hands of every family and practitioner.

While I was there, I was lucky enough to be able to experience the Quantum Wellness Centre which is an incredible space with hyperbaric chambers, infrared beds, chakra aligning mats, I.V Drip Therapy, Theda Beds and many more healing modalities.

Energetic well-being can be achieved using a variety of cutting-edge energetic therapies and modalities at the centre. They utilise non-invasive and safe electromagnetic, light, and sound interventions to revitalise the ‘energy system’ in the human body.

One of the things I found most fascinating about this experience, is that they start each of the treatments with the AO scanning technology. 

The reason for this is that everything starts with emotion, therefore balancing the emotions before any treatment begins, only enhances the experience for the client. 

Treating the root cause is always essential. 

The running of the vitals and comprehensive scan also allows the wellness centre to see if there is anything underlying in the body that has not yet been addressed.

If you had the chance to check out our testimonial call, you would’ve heard some incredible testimonies about how this frequency technology is positively impacting people’s lives. 

The point of difference with this technology is that rather than it being ‘symptom management’, which is the allopathic model, we are getting to root causes and creating homeostasis in our entire being, so we have the best environment to achieve optimal health.

Imagine the ability to be able to look within the body without having to spend thousands on invasive tests? 

If you are passionate about taking control of your health and wellness, then this is something to take into serious consideration for your future well-being. 

As Albert Einstein said – 

 “The future of medicine is the medicine of frequencies.” 

If you had the ability to bring your frequencies back into balance daily, wouldn’t that be of huge benefit to your body? 

Latest News in Solex – You no longer need a specific device to run bio resonance, you can do all of this and more from your very own handheld device. 

If you’d like to experience this incredible technology firsthand, message me today for a free Emotional Balance Scan. 

Offer open for the next 3 days only!

Ph: 0410 576 063

Bec McQuilty

Bec McQuilty is a psychic counsellor/kinesiologist & founder
of Frequency Soul Collective. She loves sharing about all areas
of bio resonance, frequency & energy.

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