Design your Destiny by Spiri Buhagiar

Do you believe you have no control of your future?

Do you know what you want for your future?

Do you believe that what you want, and need is not possible??

Then think again.

The sciences of neuroscience, and quantum physics understands two things:

  1. The brain is like plastic, it can be changed and moulded.  (neuroplasticity)
  2. It’s like a computer, it can be de-fragmented and reprogrammed!

Isn’t that wonderful news!

Dr. Bruce Lipton epigeneticist clearly discusses the fact that the unconscious mind can only be accessed when you are in a hypnotic state or a state of sleep.  He recommends listening to a recording while falling asleep.

After having worked with hundreds of individuals over a period of more than 30 years and undertaking studies with some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject of the mind, quantum physics and neuroscience, I created a workshop titled PERSONAL POWER, this workshop has 10 modules which can be purchased at a discounted price for all 10 modules, or you can just download Ultimate Powerdesigning your destiny.  This module comes with a host of information as well as prior work to be undertaken by yourself prior to listening to a purposely designed powerful recording where you move through to your timeline from the present to the future and back to the present anchoring how you will feel when you have what you desire into the present state of mind.

If you do have a strong interest in your future I would encourage you to log onto my website and just read about this workshop and some of the testimonials from clients/patients I have worked with.

Personal Power – the workbook was created with everyone in mind.  Of course I acknowledge that we are all individuals with our own set of values, beliefs, inherited and learnt behaviours and much more.  It’s not a programme where one size fits all but a workshop written after having worked with clients over a 30-year period.  The topics in the workbook were topics requested by individuals from my one-on-one treatments and my workshops.

My aim has always been to help individuals in their lives, so that their life has purpose.  I have worked with multiple individuals helping them to be the best version of themselves, when I say this, I am not talking about wealth e.g., dollars but in fact having a healthy body and mind.  Can you imagine life when you feel well and are not living in the FLIGHT, FIGHT OR FREEZE state? When you imagine and feel your future self being happy and contented?

If you want to know who I am and what I do, I would encourage you to please log onto my website and review my methodology and importantly to read the testimonials on the site.  You will also find more than 50 blogs on a host of subjects which may be of benefit to you.

Spiri Buhagiar

Spiri Buhagiar has worked with individuals and various companies for over 30 years helping people to be the best version of themselves. She has qualifications and experience in RTT, Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and has been gifted with clairaudience which is now scientifically recognised.

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