How My Animals Have Taught Me About Boundaries by Davina Herbert

Do you have boundaries in your life?  Are those boundaries maintained?  Or are you a people pleaser who will do anything for everyone, with one exception – you.  I am a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser. 

Last year my mentor asked me about the boundaries that I had in my life.  When I had no easy answer for her, I knew that I had a problem with boundaries.  At the time I was caring for a lot of people – including the animal family.  Consequently, I felt exhausted and burnt out. 

My animal friends are constantly reminding me and teaching me about boundaries.  The ironic thing is that I wouldn’t allow them to trot all over my boundaries, yet I was allowing the humans in my life to do that.  With the horses in particular, I wish to maintain my own space/ boundaries.  It’s okay if the horses are invited into my space, but they can’t just barge into my space uninvited.  Now it’s easy for me to be strong on this boundary as it is a safety issue.  If one of the horses knock into me, I could fall over and get hurt. 

I am always looking at how I can improve my boundaries to live a more authentic and heart centred life.  One of the boundaries that I am working on at the moment is the balance between business and personal/social life.  There is always something to do in and for the business.  I find it all too easy to continue working after the time that I say that I will finish up work for the day. 

Luckily for me, I have the dogs, particularly Ms Daisy Mae, to help with this.  Around 4 in the afternoon is usually when Daisy has woken up from her daytime nap and wants to play.  She will dance around my desk inviting me to go outside and interact with all the other furred and feathered children.  At this time of the year in the Southern Hemisphere, the days are getting shorter.  So we do need to start heading outside around 4.30 in the afternoon to feed everyone and get all the outside chores done before it gets too dark and cold.  Once everything has been done outside, it’s fun to come inside with the dogs and we all sit by the fire and relax.  I am grateful that I have the animals around to keep reminding me to have a healthy work/ life balance. 

If you would like help with boundaries in your life, I do private sessions with people to help them with boundary setting for the humans and animal companions in their lives.  These sessions are held via Zoom for people all over the world.  I also offer face to face Animal Wisdom Sessions for clients in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane and Moreton Bay areas.  To book, you can connect with me via my website  

I look forward to connecting with you and your beloved animal companions!

Like to know more about animal wisdom? Purchase Davina’s new book, “Dancing with Doll – Life and Leadership Lessons Learnt through Accessing Animal Wisdom” via her website

Davina Herbert

Davina is the pioneer of Pet Energy Therapy and she uses her communication skills and an holistic approach to help restore balance for all your family- including the animal family members.

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