Making skin oils is so satisfying and it’s a really personal choice on what to add. Here is my super easy recipe and you can adapt it to meet your needs. 

1. Take a big jar and half fill with either salt or sugar (I prefer salt as it’s full of minerals, but evil old sugar makes your skin really soft and melts away with the water easier).  Choosing your salts is easy. Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts is full of magnesium. That’s a winner). Sea salt is fine and really offers a good exfoliation as well as the minerals, and you can use a courser salt as desired. I like fine salts personally. 

2. Now pour over the oil, let’s go with almond as its super close to the skin’s oils in qualities, or olive oil as it’s nourishing and hydrating and really polishing on the skin. Maybe you want the traditional Ayurvedic black or white sesame oils for their health benefits, or you could be exotic with avocado or macadamia nut oils which are full of nutrients and very rich in hydration.  Make sure you fill to 3/4 of the jar and stir it right through the salt so they are mixed well. 

3. Add in your preferred essential oil blends. I like citrus: orange, petitegrain, lemon and grapefruit. As this is a full body scrub, I want the freshness and the energising properties of citrus. But then again, I equally like relaxing lavender, jasmine, rose and neroli… yumm. It’s your choice, but not too much. Maybe two drops per 50ml of fluid. Stir it in, add more if you want and make it your own. 

4. Now you can add in a few teaspoons of dried rose petals, herbs like rosemary, thyme, lemon myrtle or whatever you have in dried herbs. Ready made loose tea herbal blends are great for this as you can then add in qualities like energy or relaxing depending on what you want. The downside of adding the herbs is the mess. If you like cleaning the shower each use, then add dried herbs, if you have an outdoor wet area for showering, then that’s the perfect place to do this daily, otherwise ditch the dried herbs and just use the other ingredients listed. 

5. Once it’s all mixed and ready to go you can use full body exfoliating daily. Simply shake the jar then dip into the jar and polish your body, massage the oils and salt in small circular movements and aim towards the heart for circulation benefits.  You can massage each area as required to help increase circulation and allow the qualities of the polish to be absorbed a little by the skin. Then simply get under that shower, dive into that river or take a bath and rinse it all off. Don’t apply any soap as you will be leaving a natural fine layer of oil on the skin that is the world’s most delish moisturiser and will keep you hydrated and feeling wonderful all day! 

This is the picture of my little outdoor exfoliating and hydrating kit we have at the outdoor wet area. The jar is the exfoliation I have just told you about and there is also our medicineroom exfoliating face cleanser ( for my face as I only use the oil one on my body) and the big 500ml Rosehip herbal skin nectar which is face and body deep moisturing with chamonile and rose geranium herbals. (These are my favs).


Love Dom xox  

Dom Liv Kimal

Dominique Livkamal is a well-known herbalist, naturopath, author and creator of ‘Medicine Room’, offering free community naturopathic clinics, handmade herbal medicines and beautiful body product collections.

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