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Powerful True Stories of Determination, Perseverance, Resilience and Success

Are you like me? I love to ponder the more profound questions of Life. The ones that can’t be answered quickly but take life experiences, to feel them, make sense of them and live them in all their glory. These questions are philosophical in nature. Philosophical questions typically involve human nature, the origins of Life itself and morality. What does it mean to be a human on planet Earth?

In the newly published book Inspiring Moments: Powerful True Stories of Determination, Persistence, Resilience and Success, 11 people explored their philosophical questions, life’s work, or the theme of their life. 

In the book Inspiring Moments eleven amazing people shared their story to create a compilation of resilience stories, and if you are into the meaning of numbers, the number 11 means you are strongly connected with your hopes, dreams and heart’s desire. It represents a unique journey. Where people find wisdom, power, and strength to find oneself, it does sound philosophical. Now, this brings me to the word wisdom. Is this something you only develop in old age and pass on to your children, and they roll their eyes and go, Mum, merely dismissing my wise words? The definition of wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, understanding and insight. Each one of these people explored what wisdom truly meant, which is why it makes them excellent teachers of Life. Someone once told me you have genuinely learned something when you can teach others; these inspiring people now teach others what they have learned through determination, persistence, resilience, and success. After all, they do say that success is the courage to continue. At some point in their adventures, there was a defining or inspirational moment where they dared to do something different for themselves or others. When the inspirational moment happened, you will hear in their stories that they took action with both hands and wholeheartedly did something different. 

They embraced the tricky, captured hearts, inspired others, and brought a sense of tranquillity wherever they went.

To say that these people have been on a journey is an understatement of the word, as the word journey does not do the word journey justice. It is so much more than a journey. It is Life-giving. These humble people give so much more than they ever received through every tricky experience they encounter.

I love teaching children that resilience is going through a tricky experience with ease and grace. We are all meant to have tricky life experiences, and these experiences take us from one place to another; people call it evolution. Ooh, am I answering my philosophical question? 

One way to honour these eleven people’s stories is to share a part of their story here for you to lay witness to their determination, persistence, resilience, and success. Let me introduce you to four of these amazing people:

Lynn Santer discovered her mantra: Never give up, Never give in! Hold your belief, and she learnt the powerful quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson to be true: “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” If you would like to learn more, you can find more information at  &

Trish Rock, I love the title of Trish’s story, which is Resilience when Changing Careers, as resilience shows up in lots of different aspects of our lives and for Trish, it was through the changing of careers, this is one area that I don’t think gets celebrated enough. Trish starts her article with a quote from Seth Godin: “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try. We never know when our life will change; it might be through someone we meet, an experience, or something else. The beautiful thing about this is that we never know when or how our Life will change. Change in itself is showing up as resilience. The power of peace in your Life can transform anything, and Trish Rock, dubbed by her clients as the Queen of Calm, can help you find a greater sense of inner peace, direction, and clarity in any area of your Life. Are you curious? You can learn more about Trish’s transformative work at

Rich Muir found himself in an exciting position; instead of sprinting 100 metres, he hopped the 100 metres. Rich was curious, and when he could understand his brain a bit more, he jumped in with both feet. He understands empathy is a secret power to understanding so much of our human experience. Does this answer my philosophical question? To learn if it does start to answer the question of what it means to be a human on planet Earth, click on Rich’s website:

Dr Os shares the other side of the story with us and takes us through the emotional storm and rollercoaster, finding determination, strength, courage, love and hope in the emotional storm. The complex phase of the journey inspired him to create the business Vivitality, which is dedicated to optimizing health and well-being for others. Would you like to learn more about how you can become a healthier version of yourself, please visit:

Stay tuned for my December article where you will meet the next seven inspiring people who share their resilient story of a lifetime.

After all, resilience is the art of life!

Every one of our life and resilience stories should be celebrated. Let the celebration begin! Please join me in reading and celebrating their stories by buying a copy of Inspiring Moments: Powerful True Stories of determination, perseverance, resilience and success. To get a copy of your book in time for Christmas, please email me at

Share the gift of Resilience this Christmas time!

My name is LK Tommi – I’m an educator working in the education and psychology field, and the author of a resilience-based book and journal series supporting children and teenagers to better understand their emotions, thinking, energy, and behaviour, and how it all connects with their everyday life experiences.

The people that know me well will tell you how much I love to chat.

Please connect with me at Facebook and Instagram: The Resilience Tutor


LK Tommi

LK Tommi helps children and families to cope with negative life experiences by teaching resilience skills.

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