Interview with Anita Moorjani

Time to Live! Interview with Anita Moorjani Words: Vanessa Finnigan


Internationally renowned speaker and New York Times bestselling author Anita Moorjani shares her incredible insights and near death experience with Holistic Bliss this month……..In 2006 Anita had a massive awakening which changed her life forever. After being diagnosed with lymphoma (lymphatic cancer) and suffering for four years, the cancer eventually spread so dynamically through her body; she went into a coma and was rushed to hospital given only a few hours to live! What her doctors and family didn’t realise as she was lying comatose in bed, was that she was aware of everything!….she experienced pure bliss. And in this space of grace, she received total clarity about her true essence and full insight about the creation of her cancer….she realised she was dying to be her true self! But she decided it wasn’t her time to go….she could see the possibilities for change on the planet and so she made the choice to return and live a full life….a life free of limitations and worry and a few weeks later she was discharged from hospital totally free of cancer.



But do we have to have a near death experience to discover the bliss of who we really are? Anita tours the world sharing her story and explaining we can have a full and joyful life by being our true selves right now. It is an honour to share Anita’s current views and way of being this month. Here is the communication we shared:

Vanessa: How do you view cancer, fear, death and life now?


Anita: I see the fear of cancer as being greater than cancer itself. Everyone fears cancer, and so our focus on cancer is huge! And this just perpetuates the fear! I would like to see a world where our focus is on health and wellbeing, and where instead of spending millions (or billions) of dollars on cancer awareness, we instead spend that money on health awareness, and teach people what it means to be healthy. What does it look like? Feel like? What do we need to do to attain health? Most people don’t have a clue!! That’s because no one teaches us these things. They are all too busy looking for cancer!


Regarding death, I don’t fear death any more. I used to fear death, and I used to fear life. But losing my fear of death has made me lose my fear of life. Death has taught me how to live.

Vanessa: How would you describe the way you live now?


Anita: My travel schedule has become really hectic, and there are some days when I wake up in the morning in a hotel, and forget which city/town I’m in. The only consistency in my life is my wonderful husband Danny, who is always beside me in the bed wherever in the world I wake up. But even though my life has sped up, I just love how things are unfolding!


Since I travel so much, I eat a lot more protein than I am used to eating. I get cravings for protein – and I know that it’s my body’s way of telling me that I need fuel to keep me going because my life is more demanding than it used to be. I’ve never felt I’ve needed this much protein before. I normally prefer a diet that is closer to a vegetarian diet (although not 100% vegetarian) but when I started this new life of travelling and speaking and being fully present in different time zones, I started to feel very tired quickly.


At first, I asked some nutritionists for advice, and I was advised to just add a whole bunch of supplements and smoothies to my diet – and I tried it for a while, but that just didn’t work for me!  I still felt so lethargic all the time. So I decided to sit with my body and ask it what it needed, and I saw images of grilled salmon, eggs, fish and chicken – just endless images of protein based foods! It was like my body was starved of protein! And once I asked my body, I couldn’t get the images out of my mind! So I immediately went to the kitchen and boiled some eggs, and after eating them, noticed a difference almost immediately. And since then, I have increased the protein in my meals considerably, and I am finding that I have boundless energy to keep on going!


This information didn’t come from any book. I just listen to what my body needs, and I place no judgment on what it chooses. Most people have preconceived notions on what is considered a ‘good’ diet, or ‘bad’ diet, based on what we learn and read, and we have judgments about them, and we make our choices based on our judgments. Get rid of all these judgments. Love and trust yourself, and tune in!



Vanessa: What does an ‘holistic lifestyle’ mean to you?


Anita: To me, an ‘holistic lifestyle’ means first and foremost, honouring who you are, and allowing yourself to be you fully. It means loving and valuing yourself, and who you are, and not needing to dilute yourself, or make yourself small, or shrink back because you think you are not good enough. It means allowing your light to shine as brightly as possible.  That is first and foremost, to me, in being ‘whole’ or living a holistic lifestyle. Everything else, including diet and exercise comes from that basis. If you don’t have that aspect down pat, like most people, you will be searching externally all the time for the best diet, the best exercise regime, etc., and all of these will be short lived, when you realise that they don’t fit with your lifestyle. When you love yourself and value yourself, you will choose the best diet for your body and lifestyle by listening to your body.


Vanessa: When people see you and how you are ‘being’, what do you think they learn about being themselves authentically? What does truly being ‘you’ mean?


Anita: It means knowing and trusting that you are a good person inside, and not feeling that you have to work really hard at being ‘good’ or ‘getting things right’.  Many of us work really hard at pleasing others, or trying to get things right. This just sends you the message that you are not good enough as you are, and you have to work at it – which is not true!! So being yourself means not worrying about what other people think of you. It means doing things because you want to do them, or feel like doing them or because they bring you joy, instead of doing things because you want people to like you and accept you, or because you want to ‘fit in’.



Vanessa: How do you see your life unfolding over the next few years? What projects will you be involved with?


Anita: I would love to be involved with people who are in medicine and inspire them to change the way the medical community view illness and health. I would also love to be involved with people who are in education, and change the way we educate our children to view themselves. Children need to know that they are loved for who they are, and they are meant to be unique, and shine their light. They are not supposed to conform, and they are not supposed to compete with each other. If children learned to collaborate instead of compete all the time, we would have a very different world. If I could reform the whole education system, I would!


Anita Moorjani was born in Singapore to Indian parents and has lived in Hong Kong most of her life. She was educated in the UK and is multilingual and has worked in corporate spheres for most of her adult years. Anita is a gift to humanity and she continues to inspire people all over the world to remember the magnificence of who they really are. For more information visit: Anita will also be appearing at the Uplift festival 12-15th December in Byron Bay.

 What has empowered me the most…..

  1.  Healing from cancer has really empowered me the most. To know that my body was capable of doing that – of reversing cancer from such a late stage – feels very empowering.
  2. Realising the truth of who I (we) really are!
  3. Having a book published without even pursuing a publisher and having it hit the New York Times Bestseller list was really amazing for me!
  4. Seeing my life unfold in all its little ways empowers me to continue to trust.
  5. I trust that all I have to do is be myself, and allow my life to unfold in the way that is best for me.





Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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