Part 1: Ancestor Entanglements and Your Career Choices by Rebecca-Lee

Are you doing what you love in your work? Maybe you don’t mind your job but you don’t feel like you are being paid fairly, or treated fairly in the workplace. Maybe everything would be ok in your work if you didn’t have to put up with the people in the environment who are toxic. Some of you may have daily struggles and conflicts with bosses or colleagues that are constantly draining you. 

What happens with our dynamics with people are often hidden and happening on the soul level. If you have done some personal and spiritual work on yourself and still find you are hitting the ceiling with regards to work, there could be something in your family system that is playing out through you in the workplace. 

When there are unresolved or unacknowledged issues in our family system, particularly in the generations behind us around money, or business, or some kind of dealings where there has been trauma, tragedy, misfortune, or betrayal, either perpetuated by a family member or towards them, will play out in further generations until it is healed.

We are not connected to everything that happens in our family, but sometimes we have an entanglement with an ancestor where our struggles represent or mirror exactly what was tragic that happened with them. To heal the pattern is to go back and acknowledge the root issue. Then we can start to feel movement around the same pattern in our own life. 

Next month (December) I will discuss the how you know if you may be entangled in an ancestors or recent family member’s fate.

There are so many situations that can be unique to you and your family. If you have tried a few things to help transcend some of your more challenging work patterns, or just can’t seem to get on the right path with your career it might be worth investigating what may be happening in your ancestry. 

From my work in ‘Unlock Your Love Blocks’, I know that for us all to attract abundance and to be successful, we must work with integrating and ‘taking in our mother’s and our father’s’ as I covered in a previous article. Sometimes we need to look even further afield and into the ancestry. 

Visit my website at if you would like to read more about my work and perhaps join me in one of my programs or book a session. 


Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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  • Such important work you’re doing! My family was strongly against me doing anything soul oriented & it wasn’t until I entered my 40s I found the will to break out of it & do work that I loved.


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