Part 2: Shifting Toxic Workplace Culture By Virgina Robin

Many of you have heard me bang on about the idea that it’s all energy. Some of you may also believe the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Yet many are also saying, well that’s all fine and dandy, but how does that work in the ‘real world’? Especially within the workplace.

Let’s start by taking a look into what is really going on in our lives. We think we know, but do we really know?

By contemplating what we understand to be the ‘real’ world we will enlist a little help from science. Everyone loves some science to back up their theories and I’m no different, even though science does like to change its mind now and then.

Things, as we see them, are real, yet not in the way humans perceive them. Physical objects are merely energy focused at a lower frequency, much in the way that steam, becomes water, and then becomes ice as you lower the temperature (frequency).

Yet the majority of society dismisses the idea that we are energetic beings because they can’t see the unseen with their own eyes. Strangely, many trust in and rely upon things that still cannot be easily explained, such as the arrival of babies on the planet every day and why your cut finger can mysteriously heal itself.

If we are energy, it follows that the laws of physics apply to us and it would be appropriate for us to most advantageously identify with those energetic properties. Relevantly, these properties are connectedness, frequency and flow. The Navy SEALs, for instance, have tapped into this idea and as such have created coherent teamwork.

Most workplaces haven’t yet caught onto this idea, and continue to endorse the competitive idea of pursuing power or money as the driving force of industry and teamwork. This model employs punitive, rules-based systems and pecking orders where the squawking seagulls at the top of the food chain seem to get all the chips. This model creates the toxic workplace.

You have been duped into believing that there is a limited supply and you must follow or obey the other seagulls in order to get your share of scarce resources. The scarcity I refer to is the perceived scarcity of money, validation and love.

Spoiler alert: there is no scarcity. We are one energy. Everything you desire is yours to access when you choose it. The idea that someone has power over you, is just that, an idea that you believe in. It is all energy, which means your thoughts are energy too and they are the precursor to your reality. If you think something is true, you are like a magician and it becomes true right before your very eyes. I’ll bet you didn’t know you had this hidden superpower.

The novel dynamic about the human workplace is that we tend to really want something from someone and we carry out the duty asked of us to get that something. This situation is ripe for exploitation arising from power imbalances.

If it seems that someone has power over you, this effectively arises from your belief that this is true. By holding onto this belief, you are not only giving permission for this situation to occur but are also perpetuating the collective belief that this model is one to be endorsed.

Remember the good ol’ days when smoking was collectively a ‘cool’ idea? The non-smokers seemed like the odd ones back then, even though at the core of our being we knew that they were onto something. Yet the pull to follow the smoking crowd, or collective, was rather more compelling for a while. That was until a critical mass of non-smokers formed, where non-smokers became the ‘cool’ ones. This is an example of shifts in collective energy. Toxic work environments are no different. We hold together ideas by continuing to participate. It is always a choice.

This does not necessarily mean that you just walk away from your job, although it might. It has less to do with the physicality of reality and more to do with the state of energy surrounding the created physicality. To put it in the way I like to talk about it, we need to shift the level of consciousness from the reality that is being created. Your thoughts create feelings, which then create the environment you find yourself within. In short, this means for things to change, you begin by bringing total non-judgemental awareness to how you feel about your circumstances.

You cannot make ‘them’ change, else you are trying to control them too. Like you, they are not physical objects that are yours to control. The good news in all of this is that the environment you find yourself within, merely reflects the state of your consciousness. You are the one who truly holds your power. The power to change. Your reality changes when you do and by this, I mean your ‘level’ of consciousness shifts with every limiting belief you dissolve.

Over the next three parts of this series, I will share how to shift consciousness and shift your reality, by first engaging in the idea of radical acceptance.

Virginia Robin is a disruptor of systemic dissatisfaction. Her methods are unorthodox, but that’s what disruptors do.  She helps bring teams to a more coherent place, cleanse toxic environments and revitalises bottom lines. To book an initial free 15 min consultation on bespoke solutions for your team email her at

For something more personal, Virginia can help you shift a problem in 15 minutes using your own energy. This is a no-nonsense approach for those who genuinely want change. Click through to book online:

Virginia Robin

Virginia is a modern day Shaman, lawyer and creator of The Centre of Love and Wisdom on the Sunshine Coast.

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