Part 3: Shifting Toxic Workplace Culture By Virginia Robin

In the introduction to this series on toxic workplaces, I introduced the idea that to make real, sustainable change toward creating peaceful and harmonious workplaces, we need to view life completely differently. As they say, if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. 

Many of us want the world around us to change so that we will feel better. We might want our boss or co-workers to treat us with more respect. The workplace might even make rules around expected behaviour. However, given we cannot command bosses, co-workers, or even clients to satisfy our needs, and that rule-breakers will break rules, we need to shift the way we look at the workplace culture.

I draw on my experience as a lawyer in the area of problem-solving. I learned that instead of judging the things we believe to be good or bad, right or wrong, it serves us to take a deeper look into why we might have produced the disharmonious situation before us. 

Notice I said why we might have produced the situation. To me, and many of you too, it is clear that we are always creating our reality. This is wonderful when we manifest something our heart truly desires, but the funny thing is, that when we don’t like our production or creation, we tend to say “this is not my doing”. 

This principle applies to every aspect of your life which includes your workplace environment and all the people within that environment. This is your creation alone. 

You are a master creator and everything is within your power. 

The questions you might then ask are: “why would I create this?” and “how do I create change?”

Most of us tend not to consider the unseen or unconscious aspects of our reality which require consideration of energetic principles, or the laws of physics. This shifts us from applying human-made laws, to applying natural laws when solving problems in a more sustainable way.

I like to use the analogy that we are, like a wave on the ocean, expressing ourselves as an individual aspect of the one energy. Or more specifically, that we are here to experience a life of limitation, remembering that the ocean of energy is unlimited. From my perspective, it’s that simple. 

The key word in there is ‘experience’. We are here to have certain experiences so that we can know all aspects of who we are. Life became far less stressful and had far more meaning to me when I viewed it this way. I truly felt that this is one major aspect of life’s purpose.

We have been programmed to assign values to everything. We live in a society that judges everything around us as good, bad, right or wrong. Indeed, we have created systems, such as our legal system as the underpinning of the judgemental values of our society. 

Yet, it is at the point of judgement that what we view as ‘problems’ begin to arise, and this is where we start to feel negative. If we judge something or someone as bad or wrong, for instance, we are in a state of rejection. 

From an energetic perspective, this is like one finger on your hand trying to reject another finger. Effectively you are rejecting yourself, hoping the problem will go away and you will feel better. 

Now let’s look at why you might have created this situation, using very simple physics so that we can resolve this so-called problem in an entirely different way. Recall that our predominant frequency or vibration animates, or brings to life, like frequency.  It is the state of our vibration then, that creates our experience. 

At your core, you have a knowing that you are perfection. You are love. You were born as love until the tribe told you otherwise. You have simply been programmed into believing you are less than you truly are. And this, to you, feels negative. The negative feelings we have, vibrate at a certain frequency and attract like frequencies. 

But there is a positive experience to be had when we know this.

To feel peaceful, or content, you must know and accept both the positive and negative experiences as being valid and part of the one energy.

So, step one, in solving any perceived problem is to radically accept that whatever you have created is absolutely perfect for your own experience. You are here to learn who you are authentically. It is here that you can view your responses to life and decide whether you wish to have a positive or negative experience. And that choice is always entirely up to you. 

I emphasize that rejection of anything creates a resistance in your energetic flow. This is why you get stuck in this part of your creation. It will remain in your reality until you accept that it has been animated as a reflection of what aspect of the whole that you are rejecting. 

You and you alone are creating your experience. 

So if you don’t prefer what you are creating, the great news is that has nothing to do with anyone else in your workplace, this is all within your control. The trick is to shift your vibration toward love. We will expand on this idea as we move through the coming two steps.

Virginia Robin is a disruptor of systemic dissatisfaction. Her methods are unorthodox, but that’s what disruptors do.  She helps bring teams to a more coherent place, cleanse toxic environments and revitalises bottom lines. To book an initial FREE consultation on bespoke solutions for your team email her at: Or visit for more information.

Virginia Robin

Virginia is a modern day Shaman, lawyer and creator of The Centre of Love and Wisdom on the Sunshine Coast.

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