Spring Detox Ideas and Herbal First Aid Webinar by Dom LivKamal


Its so beautiful in Spring time and I trust you are all having some time to detox and clear away the winter cob webs. 

Here’s a few ideas for detox. 

1. Make a day of it. Get out the juicer and make your favourite detox juices for the day. Think Carrots, celery, lemon, apple, greens and fresh garden vegetables. Juices flush poisons from the body fast and give your digestion a rest at the same time. They are also nourishing and you will achieve a feeling of extra energy the next day. Plus, they feed your microbiome all the goodness! 

2. Stretch it out to two days ( a weekend) and have a really nice digestive and organ flush with fresh juices. 

3. Make a big pot of vegetable soup and have a mono cleanse only eating that soup until it’s gone. One day, two days! This also adds a lot of plant fibre to the mix and is warming on your digestion. 

4. Go for the bone or vegetable broths. Make broth and drink that for the day. Mix the broth with some fresh lemon juice for a warm and gentle flush. 

5. Lets continue with lemon juice, add it to warm water, cool water, soups, salads and let it help strip mucous from the body, flush the liver and also alkalise the body.

6. Herbal teas. Add detox herbal tea to your spring time diet. Drink it daily. 

Remember you can detox for a day, a week, even a month. You can detox for two days then stop for the week and start again. You can have a water fast, a juice cleanse, a  soup cleanse, and they all count towards decongestion of the organs and cells of your beautiful body. 

In October I’m presenting a webinar for the NHAA ( Naturopathic and herbalist association of Australia) It will be technical info on herbal first aid. I have presented at the ICNM ( International congress Naturopathic Medicine) London 2019. The Herbal Medicine Summit Melbourne 2022 and Also the British Naturopathic Conference 2021 on this topic. It’s an evolving Topic and we also presented it publicly to the QLD Garden expo 2021. We held a Long table Wellness day or two on herbal first aid and its my role to help you understand herbs at home. 

Topic: Herbal First Aid – From Clinic to Home
When: Tuesday 31 October 2023
Time: 6:00pm AEDT

Herbal first aid in the home is something we can all teach our patients to do using herbal supplies from your clinic, plants from the garden and herbs and spices from your kitchen pantry. This webinar is your opportunity to understand simple and workable herbal first aid solutions that you can offer in your clinic and teach your patients for self care at home. We include poultices, compresses, simple ailment solutions and preventative strategies that will help you and your patients. 

Key Take-aways:

  • Why herbal first aid is a benefit to your clinical practice
  • How to develop herbal first aid for preventative care 
  • Design your ideal herbal first aid dispensary 
  • How to make compresses, poultices and basic preventative herbal first aid resources
  • How to teach your patients about herbal first aid
  • Taking herbal first aid out into the community


Dominique LivKamal, ND is an award-winning naturopath, herbalist, and wellness advocate. She’s passionate about empowering those on their wellness journey. She holds a Masters degree in Public health (Health Promotion) Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Medicine ) is a qualified Naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist.  Dom also has a diploma in Journalism, is a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher and Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist and yoga teacher.  Dominique is founder and naturopath at Medicine Room where she developed the herbal manufacturing processes for herbal extractions as well as offering free community clinics to her clients since 2004. Inspired by pioneering women in the beauty product sector and her own upbringing, she studied naturopathy, herbal medicine, and a Master of Public Health, creating her own medicines, skincare products and community health model.  

Cost:  $46 AUD for members -$62 AUD for non-members – $31 AUD Student Members

Have a great day love Dom oxxo


Dom Liv Kimal

Dominique Livkamal is a well-known herbalist, naturopath, author and creator of ‘Medicine Room’, offering free community naturopathic clinics, handmade herbal medicines and beautiful body product collections.

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